there when i need you

HUGE NEWS : We got an appartement !!  2 rooms, 30 min trains from my job !! PERFECTION. unfortunatly it’s only for 6 months but it’s better than the streets of Stockholm ! I can’t wait to see it for real !


this said, it’s being a very tough week and the next one will be worst.

But i must be thankful for my blogger friends who’ve been soo nice to me lately and made me feel better !  I got many awards from Sher and Daria & Willow this week, thank you so much girls !!!

blogger hug award




Once you receive this award,
you must give it to ten other bloggers and write ten facts about yourself.

  1. Im a very very shy person when it comes to talking in public and im petrified when i think about my next presentation

  2. Im 25% Italian from my mom’s side (My grandpa’s name is Mario after all !)

  3. I eat cereals without milk

  4. I can’t really walk with heels and it really bugs me

  5. my Résumé says i can speak spanish.

  6. i can’t. (but i understand it !!)

  7. I own a Robbie Williams Tshirt and im proud of it

  8. I day dream a LOT (hence, doesn’t always accomplish anything)

  9. Im actually struggling to find 10 things to say about myself and it scares me. (don’t i have anything fascinating to say?)

  10. ….ok I prefer mystery…

 So im passing those on to : Maria, Ariella, Regine, Laura, Dionne, Sher, anna, tea cups and bows, Hanne, strawberry kitten playground & Marissa  = grab them all girls!!



9 thoughts on “there when i need you

  1. YAY! Such awesome news about your apartment!!

    Congratulations on your very well deserved awards and thanks so much for passing it!!

    Wow, we really have a lot in common! I’m very shy in public and hate public speaking, I’m 25% Italian also from my mother’s side (hence my name), I don’t like eating cereal with milk or drinking milk at all, and I also day dream more than what’s good for me.


  2. A new apartment sounds so exciting!! Even I’m excited for you:) Wow, so many lovely awards, congrats dear and thanks for passing them on!

    Love your 10 facts! I’m extremely shy too and I think I would faint from public speaking…and daydreaming is fabulous, it keeps me sane most of the time! and walking in heels definitely is a challenge for me:)

  3. Congratulations on your apartment! I adore your facts about yourself and had to laugh about the cereal..I always do the same thing…I keep my cereal in a huge jar on my countertop and everytime I go past I take a handful. Happy Day to you! And thanks for all your lovely comments!

  4. Thank you so much for the award, what a nice start on my morning:) You’re so cute! Congratulations to your apartment, that must be really exciting! I guess you can’t wait to see it:)

  5. Good luck on getting everything done before you move – having so many thoughts in your head of things you need to do sure is stressful. But it does help writing them down and ticking one thing off as you go along 🙂

    Oh, and congrats on getting an apartment!

    I don’t know if you saw my reply to you on my shop blog, but that dress that you asked about is a size small 🙂

  6. Congrats on the apartment, that’s great news!

    Hahahaha that your resume says you speak spanish, but you don’t. You better hope no one hires you based on that, hehehe.

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