sweet summer where did you go?


omg i miss summer so much already…being working like crazy on my dissertation and presentations i didn’t even realize summer was slowly going away. And today my co worker mentioned the hard, freezing and dark winter in Stockholm and i totally freaked out ! Will Mo even survive her first winter in Sweden?  Follow her to find out 😉  

l’été me manque déjà tellement…je suis tellement la tête dans mon mémoire que je ne l’ai pas entendu s’en aller. Et aujourd’ hui ma collègue m’a parlé des longs hiver froid et noir de la Suède et j’ai complètement paniqué ! Survivrai-je mon premier hiver au pays du meuble en kit?


11 thoughts on “sweet summer where did you go?

  1. awww I love candy floss!!!

    Winter sounds scary, I was already cold in summer, so I can’t imagine winter:) Will definitely follow your escapades in Sweden!!

  2. love your photos today…yummy cotton candy makes me want to go to a fall fair! You will do well in Sweden…my daughter may be moving there next year after she graduation from grade 12. Can’t wait to follow your blog to hear all about your Swedish life!

  3. You are too cute with your cotton candy!! Yummmm, I want some!!

    You most definitely will survive because you’ll have your älskling with you!!

  4. You will have hate the swedish winters !! Haha, no seriosuly, I can not stand fall and winter actually… But if you like cold, rainy, snowy and grey days- then you’ll love it ! (not meaning to sound.. um. depressing or anything hehe). But sthlm is awesome ! =)

  5. I also miss summer… It’s 16 degrees and rain in Oslo today. I love summer, its my favourite time of year, but winter has its charm as well. You can put on so many nice scarfs and beautiful coats, and it’s a nice excuse to buy an extra pair of nice boots…:)

  6. You can do it! Just think about the super sweet Fall fashion you get to rock. Oh and did you see the North Face trench Meg posted about the other day? Warm and fabulous looking!

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