The dress did it

So i had 3 huge presentations yesterday and today. The 2nd one counts for my Master degree. I was so stressed i actually had to take pills to calm down. And i usually HATE to take these kind of stuff.

I needed an outfit that says “im totally confident, and i know everything im talking about” ….  I bought this dress (from Sinequanone) last saturday with mom and Crispin… felt quite perfect for the job.

It turned out pretty great actually, i surprised myself. It’s the very first time in my life people tell me i seem so confident and give good oral presentation ! My teatcher was actually thrilled and gave me a 18 out of 20 which is just wayyyyyyyyy  more than i ever expected. I’m happy. And SO RELIEVED. Now i just have to concentrate on moving to another country. piece of cake.


2 présentations devant les big big boss et une soutenance en 2 jours autant dire que je ne suis que stress depuis 3 jours. J’avais donc besoin d’une tenue qui annoncait clairement:

“Je maîtrise parfaitement le sujet” Et je pense que cette petite robe achetée ce weekend chez Sinequanone à bien rempli son rôle.  C’est la première fois de ma vie que l’on me félicite sur mon aisance à l’oral. Ma prof a adorée et m’a gratifié d’un 18 sur 20…autant dire que je ne m’attendais pas à ça. Quel soulagement. Maintenant je n’ai plus qu’a m’expatrier. Les doigts dans le nez.

22 thoughts on “The dress did it

  1. Oh, wow!! I’m so happy for you, Mo!


    That dress should give you loads of confidence, it’s gorgeous and you stunning wearing it!


  2. wow! that dress suits you well. well done for getting 18/20 Mo! 😀
    i too had an english presentation today, it went quite well.
    thanks for the support and for stopping by 🙂
    p.s. so this is where you’ve moved to 😛 glad to find it

  3. Wow, so happy for you Mo, you must have been great! Sometimes wearing something nice will change the way we feel about ourselves:)

    You look pretty in that dress and I love how you braided your hair! I think it will take me forever to do something like that:P

  4. I adore the dress…I want one just like it! Congratulations on your presentation! It must feel so good to have it over with. I checked out your last post and your tights are lovely with your yellow shoes…I am looking for mustard or yellow tights to wear. Have a great week!

  5. Cute dress! I’m so glad your presentations went well! I hate doing class presentations. I’m always afraid I’ll do something stupid like trip or fall flat on my face.

    good luck with the move!

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