TACK & London’s calling

THANK YOU to all of you for your very nice and suportive comments !!! Today was my very last day at work !  They had a really nice “goodbye party” with Champagne, felt really cool and eventhough it was a tough year…it seems like im gonna miss some of the people there. BUT i’ll be working with some of them  in my new job, promoting French higher education in Sweden 🙂

Yesterday i had a blast with my friends and got awesome goodbye presents (i know another going away party) AND i received an awesome package…

I’m off to London for one day tomorrow with my family so no real updates but i’ll tell you all about everything on sunday !!

a lot of bisous for you


Un grooos merci pour tous ces adorables commentaires qui remontent le moral ! Aujourd’hui, dernière journée de boulot…sensation bizarre. Un pot très sympa pour mon départ, avec même des cadeaux, finalement, je me suis plaint toute l’année…certains vont me manquer. Mais il semble que je reste en contact avec eux dans mon nouveau job ! Et oui, la promotion de l ‘enseignement supérieur français en Suède… 🙂

Hier super soirée avec mes amis et tout plein de cadeaux, aujourd’hui un paquet est arrivé…

Mais je passe la journée à Londres en famille demain donc je vous raconte tout ça dimanche !!

des bisous !



7 thoughts on “TACK & London’s calling

  1. You are too cute and so very pretty! I always love the energy of your photos.

    Sometimes it’s hard quitting a job even if you didn’t completely love it! I’m so excited for all the new adventures to come for you.

    Have fun in London, I wish I could go with you.


  2. Woopse, yea you should change your plans about sweden ;D HAHA ne, it’ll be great- I love Sthlm !
    Well, yes, I guess I could ask myself how I coudl run after that night.. but I still had more energy to give haha…
    Ohh, London Calling !! Awesome ! Have fun sweetie !!

  3. bon j’ai voulu laisser un com sur lookbook machin truc et ils me demandent mon password…alors que j’en ai pas …damn…!!

    donc je te disais “euh, tu devrais penser au mannequinat….sans dec’ t’es trop cuteeeeee”!!!!!


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