Lovely british accent…

so shopping  usually leads to owning new stuff. I looooved all those little shops in Portobello, and i was amazed how different clothes are from here in Paris… i fell in love with about 10 dresses but ended up buying only one…and now i can’t remember why i didn’t take the others too…

One thing i noticed is that the dresses are wayyy shorter ! I first felt a little weird but realized everyone around me was wearing them so i assumed it was ok. I wore it yesterday with my friends and they felt it was short too but i felt ok wearing it. I really like it.

On sunday morning, Elio (our 5 months old giant puppy) kinda took his revange for being “left out” from the London trip and litteraly ate a book and…my shoes 😦

So we went shoes shopping and we found adorable little bow shoes !! Plus another really cool pair of boots (but they’re already packed !)

Anyway, im off to Stockholm TOMORROW ! Until i can access the Internet, enjoy the new header 🙂 (appropriate right?)



Je suis tombée amoureuse des adorables petites boutiques de fringues de Portobello, j’ai été impressionnée par la différence de “style” avec Paris…j’ai craqué sur 10 robes et je ne comprends pas pourquoi je ne reviens qu’avec une seule..( c’est surement financier)

Un truc qui m’a frappé c’est la longueur des jupes ! vachement plus courtes que celles que j’ai l’habitude de mettre ! 

Dimanche matin Elio (mon enorme chiot) s’est venger (de ne pas avoir été enmené à Londres), il a “dévoré” un livre et…mes chaussures… 😦

Donc on a été faire un tour chez Besson ou l’on a trouvé ces adorables ballerines !

Bon, je part demain pour Stockholm, en attendant, profitez de la nouvelle bannière 🙂 (appropriée non? ?)

23 thoughts on “Lovely british accent…

  1. such a lovely dress 🙂 suits you well, you’ve got the legs for it. If i wore that my legs will look even stumpier 😦

    have fun in stockholm! the hearder’s very convenient 😉

  2. I love your dress, it’s beautiful! And it’s not too short, it suits you perfectly:) Here in Norway everybody wear dresses that short, and probably in Stockholm too:)

    The bracelets are from the Swedish webshop They have soooo much nice stuff:)

    Looking forward to read your updates from Stockholm:)

  3. Mo dearie, you look like the prettiest sailor girl in that outfit! How come I never come across these dresses when I was in portobello market?? I’d have to go back there again in the future:P

    Your new header is amazing and sweet, just like you:)

  4. Oh happy travel…your look amazingly adorable in your lovely sweet dress…I so think it was a good thing your puppy ate your shoes…you got such cute one to replace them…unless your others ones where cute too. Look forward to hearing about your travels! Be safe!

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