1st days are tough.

SO. I cried the whole tuesday and wednesday. I arrived wednesday around 1pm and was picked up by a Embassy car (kinda fancy right? ) and älskling. And we drove to our place. It’s big. Im impressed. But really REALLY not my taste when it comes to decoration. I’ll have to take care of that later. When my stuff arrive. The afternoon was spent cleaning up, crying, hugging and resting. Yes, im a cryer. And today was…so weird. My boss is about to be a father (any second now) so i saw him 30 min and then  nothing. I was introduced to some people and then…well, i guess they expected i’ll turn on the comp and work but i had nooo clue what they wanted from me so i kinda panicked. Yeah that’s me. So not a very great first day no.

1 thing that was cool was my first swedish class ! “Jag talar inte svenska” 🙂


Donc, j’ai pleuré mardi toute la journée. Je suis arrivée mercredi vers 1h de l’après midi ou une voiture de l’ambassade est venue me chercher (la classe quand même) avec älskling. Pour nous enmener à l’appart, qui est assez grand mais à une déco de chiotte ! On a passé l’aprèm a ranger, moi à pleurer aussi beaucoup (oui je pleure tout le temps), et à manger. Aujourd’hui premier jour au boulot, mon boss est sur le point (questions de minutes) de devenir papa, résultat je l’ai vu 30 min avant d’être en quelques sortes livrée à moi même. Je ne sais pas à quoi ils s’attendaient..que j’allume l’ordi et que je me lance? Bref…journée pas facile, je suis totalement stressée et je ne sais pas quoi faire.

petit moment sympa de la journée, mon premier cours de suédois 🙂


13 thoughts on “1st days are tough.

  1. Ha, I’m a big weeper too! First days are rough, and I always feel lost and nervous. You’ll find your bearings and then it will feel like you’ve been there for months.

    Very cute pic of you and I love all your luggage!!

  2. Aww hun, first days are always tough no matter where you are! At least you have your darling to go home to after a hard day:)

    I’m sure things will perk up for you soon, with your infectious cheery nature, it will be hard not to!

    Oh, do show us pics of your new apartment when you have redecorated!!

  3. Very cool site you have. Hope you’ll enjoy living in Sweden. Good luck with everything. All the best to you both. Take care!

  4. Good luck in Sweden! Hope everything will get better on your work! And so you know, I’m also a cryer. A big one. So you’re not alone with that 😉

  5. Ahhhhh…Hope the next few days get better…I can relate to the crying bit… I am a cryer too! You do look amazingly cute in the photo though! xoxoxo Hang in there!

  6. The first days at a new place are always tough, I’m sure things will get much better soon:) I must be really exciting living in a new city, Stockholm is beautiful!

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