Crêpes Tuesday

At home we always make crêpes on tuesday, it’s a ritual and it’s been going on for as long as i can remember. We LOVE IT. Everybody does. It has this particular smell. Crêpes tuesday smell. So we made a crêpes tisdag.

Im sorry for the lack of nice Stockholm pictures but right now but im still adjusting to everything. Some more easely than others. (like right now älskling is watching a soccer game and jumping around like crazy cause some dude named Zlatan put a ball in a net)

Anyway, yesterday the sky wasn’t blue at all so i decided I’ll be.

A la maison c’est crêpes tout les mardis. Depuis toujours. Et on adore ça. L’odeur du mardi c’est les crêpes. Alors on a fait des crêpes ce soir.

Désolée de ne pas vous abreuver de belles vues de Stockholm mais j’essaie encore de me mettre dans le bain. J’ai pris le métro toute seule ce matin d’ailleurs. Il a des choses auxquelles je ne m’adapterez pas par contre (comme ce soir, le match de foot…)

Bref, hier le ciel était tout gris alors j’ai décidé d’être bleue. Na


here is the crêpes making, just like a pro 😉 (i wasn’t a waitress in a crêperie for 3 years for nothing !)

je fais des crêpes comme une pro 🙂


 yes im wearing a fleece jacket but it’s SWEDEN people !

oui oui c’est bien une polaire que je porte, il fait déjà froid !

I was planning on posting this yesterday evening but i spent it on skype with one of the greatest person, my friend Stephanie who went back to Arkansas after we studied there 1 semester and now teaches spanish there ! she rocks.

J’avais prévu de poster ça hier soir mais finalement j’ai passé la soirée sur skype avec Stephanie, qui est retournée en Arkansas après notre semestre d’échange et qui maintenant enseigne l’espagnol la bas. Elle est géniale.


14 thoughts on “Crêpes Tuesday

  1. You look cute in blue! And the picture of you flipping the crepes is too adorable:)

    Also love how you bun your hair up with a chopstick!

  2. love the black dress 🙂
    y’know I do that too with my omelet and pancakes, it’s fun flipping food into the air.

    are crepes hard to make?

    good luck adjusting!! 😀

  3. I like hearing about how you’re settling in in Stockholm… I’m sorry your first day wasn’t so great, but hopefully it’lkl only get better and better.

    Would you mind giving me your recipe for crepes? I’d love to be able to make them since I only have pancake recipes (which I suppose are slightly different).

  4. Mo, My Dear,

    You made my day!
    I am SO HAPPY to see you do great things, as usual 😉 I know how to make crepes, but could give me the recipe to be just like YOU??! Je te le dis encore une fois: je t’admire. Ne change rien.


  5. Some dude?!?!?! SOME DUDE?!?!?!?
    Good thing i’m too lazy to take the metro right now… otherwise you’d experience some serious asskicking!
    no embassyguard could stop me!!!!!!

    Zlatan = GOD !

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