weekend. Thank you. What an exhausting week. But today i actually felt “damn, i like my job!”. It’s stressful but can also be a lot of fun. 🙂

My stuff FINALLY arrived today !!!  I spent the evening looking for a place for everything, well..I didn’t but still put up  most of my frames and stuff. Girl stuff, älskling says. Well im sorry i love colorful and cute objects. I feel much more “at home” now. Eventhough it still looks weird cause all “her” stuff are still here. I guess we just have to live with it.

My family (minus Elio 😦 ) are visiting on october 17th 🙂 !!

Now im sitting on the couch in my pjs drinking hot chocolate and watching “Red eye” with swedish subtitles 🙂

Here is the scarf my friend Dine gave me as a “goodbye” present and i just love it, it makes me think of the ones Kaja always has.


Ca fait un moment que je voulais montrer cette belle echarpe que Dine m’a offert comme cadeau de départ !

Weekend. MERCI. Cette semaine a été bien chargée. Mais aujourd’hui le boulot a été très sympa. Stressant mais interessant.

Mes affaires sont enfin arrivées à destination !! J’ai passé la soirée à chercher une place à toutes mes affaires. C’est pas facile avec tout les trucs (moches) de la proprio. Mais au moins il a de la couleurs maintenant !! Tout comme j’aime.

ma famille (mais sans Elio 😦 ) débarquent pour le weekend du 17 octobre !!

Et maintenant, pyjama, chocolat chaud et “Red eye” sous titré en suédois 🙂

 Ok now serious talk…im really thinking about getting bangs, again. And i want it just like this (i m allowed to dream right?)


Je pense serieusement à me refaire couper la mèche, dans ce genre là (on peut rêver)


14 thoughts on “HELLO HELG !

  1. Gorgeous scarf. What a lovely gift.

    I’m so glad you’re liking your job more and more. I need to know…who’s “her?”

    Oh, I bet you would look gorgeous with bangs.

    Ha, I love that we have another thing in common. 😉

  2. Yahoo…happy your job is going well! Your scarf is adorable….I think I need to get into my PJ’s and sip some hot cocoa….yummy! Bangs are nice…but you would look lovely anyway your hair is styled!

  3. Lovely scarf!! And how nice that you’re liking your job,it does makes the day pass easier!

    Yes for bangs! I’m sure you will look wonderful with bangs:)

  4. you look stunning in that peacock colour scarf! and i think you’d look great in bangs :D!! would you ever go “ice blonde” like the shade of the first Olsen photo?

    Plus, it’s absolutely fantastic that you love your job , i wish to be like that in the future ^^

    – Daria.

  5. Ooo! Pretty scarf! I can’t wait for it to get cold enought to wear them here! Have fun decorating! it’s the best part of living in a place right? haha!

  6. Hehe, welll I really do think I prefer a warmer winter.. but you have fun in cooold sweeeden 😉
    You always looks sosofisticated sweetie ! And how great that you like your job ! it seems to be working out pretty nice for you ! =)

  7. C’est cool, tu commence à te faire à ta nouvelle vie.
    Quand je vois les drenières photos, ça me donnerait presque envie de me refaire couper la frange aussi 😉
    Mais non, je tiendrai! Et toi alors???

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