min lägenhet…

My appartement. I have to start calling it like this. The rent is officially paid for the 6 coming months. I live here now. We spent the weekend trying to work on it: putting up frames, pictures, candles, books, cds, clothes (damn i have a lot), getting rid of the draps (finally) and cleaning the windows. It looks so much better now (u can check out a video here). Still not PERFECT of course but good enough.

Mon appartement. Il faut que je m’y fasse. Le loyer est payé pour les 6 mois à venir maintenant. On a passé le weekend à mettre les choses à leurs places: tableaux, photos, bougies, livres, vêtements (je ne savais pas que j’en avais autant), on s’est enfin débarrassé des rideaux, et on a nettoyé les vitres !!  C’est tellement mieux comme ça ! (voir vidéo)

Doesn’t mean im forgetting Paris though 😉 Mais je n’oublie pas Paris pour autant 😉


jacket, dress and “bell hat” from La Halle aux Vetements, shoes from Besson and badge from Dionne 😉

Saturday we spent the afternoon in Stockholm, hunting for the second hand shop Myrorna, I had an awesome piece of raspberry pie and i bought Cosmo (yeah!). On sunday, we packed a little picnic and went to Drottningholm, the castle the royal family actually live in. The weather was so so but it was still a nice place and a nice walk thru the park.

O, funny story: on the evening we wanted to watch a movie and turned on the DVD player for the first time…there was a movie already in…SIN CITY….and not the one with Bruce Willis if you know what i mean…kinda disturbing.

Despite all this…when comes sunday evening’s darkness…i find myself alone with my anguish and fears and i miss my old french routine… 😦

27 dresses? 27 robes?


Nous avons passé le samedi après midi à la recherche de Myrorna (boutique d’occasion), j’ai mangé une merveilleuse tarte à la framboise et acheté Cosmo. Aujourd’hui, petit picnic à Drottningholm, le chateau de la famille royale en dehors de la ville. Le temps était mitigé mais c’était sympa quand même.

Petite anectode : on a voulu utiliser le lecteur dvd pour la première fois hier, il y avait déjà un dvd dedans, SIN CITY, et ce n’était pas le Sin City avec Bruce Willis….oups.

Malgré tout…quand viens le dimanche soir, j’ai la déprime facile… 😦


16 thoughts on “min lägenhet…

  1. You are too cute, I adore your outfit and bell hat.

    Wow, your place is huge. I love how you guys decorated it!!! You are even more moved in than I am.

    I love picnics and haven’t been on one in so long.

    It’s so hard starting new routines, but soon it will feel like the same old thing day in and day out.

  2. Hi and welcome to Stockholm! I lived in Stockholm for 1,5 years and am returning back next summer- you know, when you get hooked to Stockholm…

    I hope you enjoy the ”Venice of north” as much as I did. It is a multiple city with lovely pple. (I do not know, you as a french, you might find it shocking that people are not as friendly as in France. I discovered that fact only after living in London fo a while and it really was quite a culture shock. But people are honest and real in Stockholm – that is something I truly value!)

    Hälsningar (greeting in swedish) från Finland

  3. Hej !!

    tack for such a nice comment ! i indeed learn to really like beautiful Stockholm, life here is really different but it’s fun to discover new stuff, new habits and new people ! it’s hard to be away from your family though !! what do you do? you seem to travel a lot !!

    anyway thank you for passing by !!

    puss och kram 😉


  4. Wooo Idol ! Cool. I havent watched anything from this year.. I tell myself to , but never get around to it hehe… I’ve heard there’s alot of good onces this year.

    Yey soooo fun.. !! Cool, its so fun to decorate and do everythign you want to yourself !! Gotta show us your new place here 😉

  5. yay for the new place :D!! your outfit and the Eiffel Tower prop is simply perfect , never seen something like that before, love it ^^!

    and haha, yes i have also noticed (from lookbook) that alot of the girls in Stockholm had the long ice blonde straight hair look going on!!

  6. thank you for the crepes recipe 🙂 will try it soon surely
    my sister broke my snowglobe thankgoodness she didn’t get cut with the glass but I decided to take my mac off her for a bit.

    I want cosmo too (pls), they don’t sell ’em here in Qatar 😦
    have fun re-arranging “your apartment” 😀

  7. Your aprtment is looking very nice from what I could tell from the video! I like how light it is, and that the kitchen is quite big!

    Oh, and how chic and French you look in that outfit 😉
    Thank you so much for sending me the crepé recipe! I made them and they were really nice 🙂

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