i’m living w/ a swede !!!

When you live with a swede… (second row, second from the left)

Quand on vit avec un suédois (deuxième rang, deuxième en partant de la gauche)


there are certain rules that must be followed….


loving Abba, spending sundays at IKEA, eating meat balls, recycling everything…

Il y a quelques règles à suivre:

aimer Abba, passer son dimanche à IKEA, manger des boulettes de viande, recycler tout ce qui nous passe sous la main…


But most of the time… mais la plupart du temps…


(here is something you didn’t expect/ voici quelque chose que tu n’attendais pas)

moving in with someone is … always an adventure and never quite what you expected. / Enménager avec quelqu’un est une aventure, et ce n’est jamais exactement ce que l’on attendait.

This week is being crazy. I come in at 8h30 and leave at 6h30, im exhausted and really stressed. Tomorrow is my first “student fair”. I’m supposed to answer people’s questions about going to study in France. I’m nervous. / Cette semaine est super chargée. je fais du 8h30 – 6h30, je suis crevée et stressée, demain, premier forum étudiants….

On monday we went to see swedish Idol live (we got free tickets somehow). It was fun. The stage is freaking small. As well as the candidates actually !/Lundi soir on a été voir “la nouvelle star” suédoise en live (pour une raison inconnue on a eu des tickets gratuits), c’était marrant. le plateau est minuscule, mais pas autant que les candidats ! (en tout cas bien meilleur niveau qu’en France!)

On tuesday we went to the premier of a french movie here in Stockholm, called “Je l’aimais” in french, ” i loved her” in english and weirdly enough “jag älskade honom” in swedish (honom meaning “him”). We got free tickets from the embassy. Kinda cool ! / Mardi, c’était la première en Suède du film français “je l’aimais” avec Daniel Auteuil, ils ont traduit ça par “jag älskade honom” (sachant que honom veut dire “lui”, j’ai pas compris…) Bref, on a eu des tickets gratuits par l’Ambassade…la classe 😉

i’m super trött nu (tired now) so …pizza och …bed. Je suis épuisée, pizza et dodo.


12 thoughts on “i’m living w/ a swede !!!

  1. Sounds like you have a buzy life these days, lots of fun thing happening:) Good luck with the Student fair, I’m sure you’ll do great:)

  2. Wow, you’re living quite the cool life with your free tickets!!! Moving in with someone is definitely an adventure and learning experience!!

  3. That is interesting.
    A couple of years ago I used to date a swedish guy. He did not like Abba and never recycled anything what made me (I am German and I think our nation is totally obsessed with recycling) crazy when I just visited him for a couple of days. Many Germans love Abba and spending weekends at Ikea (never without eating Köttbullar or a hot dog). : )

  4. Living with a Swede sounds like fun. That Abba picture is too funny!
    I hope the student fair went well, and that you’re enjoying a less stressful weekend now 🙂


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