kanelbulledagen och Skogskyrkogården

So sunday was Kanelbulledagen ! The day of the Kanelbulle, those wonderful little cakes. I adore them. They just match perfectly with tea, and sunday’s weather. Rain.

Dimanche, c’était Kanelbulledagen, le jour des kanelbullar, ces merveilleux petits gateaux qui s’associent parfaitement au thé, chocolat chaud et au temps pluvieux de dimanche.


But we still went out, well first to get kanelbullar of course, and also cause we live just by a famous graveyard: Skogskyrkogården, the woodland cimetary,  a UNESCO world heritage site since 94 where Greta Garbo is burried. Anyway, i pass it everyday going to work and i just wanted to have a look. It was really nice indeed. I love how green it is, in France graveyard always have gravel everywhere. What freaks me out though are the graves with someones birth date on it and a blank for the date of death….

On est sorti malgré la pluie, pour acheter des kanelbullar evidement, et aussi pour faire un tour dans le cimetière à côté de chez nous,  Skogskyrkogården ou repose entre autre, Greta Garbo et  qui est depuis 1994 un site protégé par l’UNESCO. C’est un très beau cimetière, très vert, pas comme en France avec ces horribles gravillons partout. Par contre, ça m’angoisse un peu les tombes avec la date de naissance et un blanc pour inscrire la date de mort…


a walk thru the graveyard…


im not a fan of the rain, and i don’t like the color it gives to my new blue boots (that i adore) 🙂

Je ne suis pas une fan de la pluie qui noircit mes belles bobottes bleues !



15 thoughts on “kanelbulledagen och Skogskyrkogården

  1. I love how everyone eats cinnamon rolls on Sunday in Sweden. Such a cool tradition.

    That cemetery is beautiful and I LOVE your blue jacket and boots.

    How freaky that some are missing the date of death. Spooky.

  2. i love your outfit mo!
    especially the blue jacket, its like one of those military/marching band ones.

    the view of the cemetery is so green and lush, not at all scary!!

  3. Oh my…what a lovely image of you…your boots are amazing! I am afraid I would not do well in Sweden…the written language looks so strange…the words look so long! But the food looks yummy! Thanks for your kind words…our house is slowing starting to feel better. Much love being sent to your mom…hope all is well! xoxoxo

  4. I love how you keep the colour theme blue and yellow in your outfit! And the blue boots are so lovely, too bad about the rain though!!

    I have yet to take walks through a graveyard, the blank date of death sounds really creepy though:)

  5. its weird because i used to be scared of cemetaries but now i love to visit and think of all the stories there are there (i dont think ive seen one that doesnt have a date of death wow!)

  6. You look so cute in your rainy-day outfit 🙂 The graveyard actually makes a really beautiful backdrop to your photo.

    That’s kinda weird that some graves have the birth date, but not the death date! It would make more sense if it was the other way around (I know how some people don’t know their birth date)…

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