congrats to me :-)

So, here we go, next tuesday im going to Paris for 2 days, and tuesday evening i’ll get my very first (and i assume last) graduation!!

For most people it’s normal. For french people…it never happens. You finish high school or university well good for you, if you’re lucky they’ll send your diploma in the mail, if not, you just pick it up in an office (usually open between 10am and 10.05 am).

 Anyway, this year they do it BIG. I’m getting my Master.  It feels unreal. I’m excited though. It’s nice to have something to look forward to. Work is just…overwhelming. I wake up in the morning feeling im already behind. Doesnt feel so nice. Im planning on registering to an evening swedish class, i so want to learn! It’s so frustrating to walk around and not being able to read newspapers or order in a coffee place…of course they speak english perfectly…but still. Frustrated i am.

So anyway, appart from work not much happened lately… but sometimes i just come across the cuttest people in the subway…


Voilà, je retourne à Paris mardi pour 2 jours, mardi soir, ça sera ma première (et dernière je suppose) remise de diplôme!

 Ce qui, pour la petite française que je suis est un évènement majeur ! D’habitude les “graduations” c’est dans les films . Nous, on va juste récuperer notre diplôme à la fac, dans un bureau ouvert entre 10.00 et 10.05. Et ben là ils sortent le grand jeu. Donc je vais avoir mon master. CooL. J’ai hate. Question boulot c’est la course. J’ai l’impression d’être déjà en retard en me levant le matin…  Sinon je vais surement m’inscrire à des cours du soir de suédois, ça me frustre trop de ne pas pouvoir lire un journal ou commander un café, même si ils parlent un anglais parfait, je veux me fondre dans la masse 🙂

Bref, à part métro boulot dodo, pas grand chose de neuf, ci ce n’est, des jolies rencontres dans le métro….


11 thoughts on “congrats to me :-)

  1. Congratulations, Mo!!! Getting a masters is a huge accomplishment!! You should be very proud of yourself.

    I can only imagine how frustrating it is not knowing the language, but if you take a class and by just being around it, I’m sure you’ll pick it up fast.

    That little girl and her balloon are so cute.

  2. Congratulations! It must feel so nice to have a real ceremony instead of just being handed your diploma – it really feels like you have accomplished something then! I only think I’ll get a diploma when I finish mine.

    Have fun in Paris!

  3. Congratulations on getting your masters! Have a great time at the graduation 😀

    That photo is so cute 🙂 I love that you managed to take a picture of her while she wasn’t looking.


  4. Congrats Mo! Wow, Masters!! I’m really in awe:)
    And I’m sure you’ll be able to master the Swedish language in no time!

    Have fun back in Paris!!

  5. Congratulations, getting a Master is really big:) Hope your work will get better, and that you’ll have the time for what you feel like doing:) Have a great weekend sweetie:)

  6. omgsh wow a Master’s Degree, that’s amazing! CONGRATULATIONS :D!!! that photo you took on the subway is so adorable, haha it’s been a while since i’ve bought a huuggee balloon…

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