a whole new me…

well, not really. Im still me. But it is soo nice to treat yourself with a new playsuit and a new haircut 🙂

Yes. I did it. It always takes me weeks to decide on silly stuff like that, and today we just dropped in and got it done. Going to the hairdresser is always an adventure but trust me, explaining what you want in english (which is not your mother tongue) to someone who then, translate it in swedish…it is just SCARY. But it turned out..well. I think.


This weekend, i also discovered (silly me i had no clue) that they had a topshop in Stockholm !!  Actually it’s thanks to my collegue (and friend) Isabelle who was wearing this exact outfit on friday at work and i just fell in love with it. So i ran to Topshop on saturday and they still had 3 of them, in my size and…50% off (still expensive though ) anyway, i won’t have to dribble on Topshop’s website and get pissed at their shipping prices anymore. It’s right there. In front of me. Happy Mo.

lazy weekend like i love them, friday evening i got back from work and älskling had prepared a hot bath and a glass of wine for me!  Then we made ourselves pretty and went out for drinks in a club. Saturday in the sun in the old Stockholm, having candies (swedish kids usually get candies on saturday: lördagsgodis), planka (piece of meat, mashed potatoes and bacon served on a piece of wood with bearnais sauce)  in a tiny restaurant, little shopping…perfect.

you might have noticed the “Forum Higher Education in France” on the right side, it’s the big event i’m working on right now. We are trying to promote it all over Sweden, so, spread the word 🙂


Enfin, pas vraiment. Mais ça fait du bien de se faire plaisir de temps en temps avec un nouvel ensemble et une nouvelle coupe !

oui, enfin. Ca fait des semaines que j’en parle, et voilà. C’est toujours un peu l’incertitude d’aller chez le coiffeur, mais alors là, expliquer ce que l’on veut en anglais à quelqu’un qui le retraduit en suédois, c’est l’angoisse. Finalement c’est pas mal nan?

Ce weekend, j’ai découvert (sort de ton trou Mo) qu’il y avait un Topshop à Stockholm ! Grace à ma collègue Isabelle qui est arrivé au boulot vendredi avec cet ensemble sur lequel j’ai absolument craqué. J’ai couru chez Topshop samedi, et il en restait 3, un dans ma taille…et … moins 50% (heureusement car c’est quand même monstrueusement cher). Donc je n’aurai plus à baver sur leur site internet et à raler contre les frais de port, j’ai juste à prendre le métro. Happy Mo.

Super weekend de feignants comme je les aime. En rentrant du boulot vendredi, älskling m’avait fait couler un bain et servi un verre de vin ! Ensuite on s’est fait tout beau pour aller danser et boire un verre. Samedi, sous le soleil dans la vieille ville, on a mangé des bonbons (selon la tradition les petits suédois recoivent des bonbons uniquement le samedi, lördagsgodis), et une planka (un morceau de viande, purée de pomme de terre et becon servit sur une planche de bois avec sauce béarnaise) dans un petit restau, un peu de lèche vitrine, parfait.

Vous avez peut être remarqué le “Forum Higher Education in France” sur la droite, c’est l’évènement sur lequel je travaille en ce moment et dont on fait la promotion dans tout le pays, donc…fait passer le message 😉

22 thoughts on “a whole new me…

  1. Mo!! You look absolutely gorgeous with your new bangs!!! And I am absolutely dying from jealousy…you have topshop close by and you have the cutest playsuit ever!!

    Love that älskling made you a both and poured you a glass of wine.

    Do you want me to put the education button on my blog?

  2. You look so pretty with the new bangs and cute playsuit!

    I still find it weird that there are certain places that do not have Topshop because we have been having it here for years:P But the exorbitant prices always prevent me from goin too crazy there though I love their things so much!!

  3. HAha you are funny Mo. Well yea who knows- I might find myself a rich golfplayer one day 😉 hehe
    Oh wow love your haircut and your new header !! and yeaa, we have topshop in stockholm- did you go to the one on Drottningatan? Thats my favorite street.. or well, one of them 😉
    Cool outfit toooo 😀

  4. Love the bangs! You look great with them! Such a cute romper. Looks fab! I’ve only been to Topshop once. I was in Engln and was drug in by a girl I was travelling with and I just stood there mocking everyone because I was a punk and determined to wear nothing but jeans a hooded sweatshirts. Now I would like to kick my 17 year old self in the arse. haha! Glad to hear you had a lovely weekend!

  5. I know! My 17 year old self would mock my 22 year old self endlessly! haha! Ah youth!

    And thanks for the other comments! I really do appreciate them.

  6. Well what is special is that that streets has a lot of stores… like chains and stuff… And they also have like an H&M in every corner hah.. not kidding.. well, a bit exacurating, but they have a few… maybe you’ve already noticed about sthlm? 😉

    MAke sure you go to the part of Stockholm that is called “söder” as in “south”.. its a really cool “place”, they have a lot of thriftstores and like cool people.. 🙂

  7. you look wonderful in that playsuit 🙂
    so sweet of your älskling to prepare hot bath for you, what a fun weekend you had!! 🙂

  8. wow! amazing! it looks great together.
    love the dress, the shoes… EVERYTHING!!!
    it’s a really great outfit
    thanks for the comment

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