i m a tourist who lives here…


so we just left my family at the airport. 😦 a weekend is sooo short ! i barely had time to realize they were actually here. Ma famille vient de repartir. ;( un weekend c’est bien trop court, je n’ai même pas eu le temps de réaliser qu’ils étaient là.

I met them after work in the old city on friday evening, Crispin was buying shoes (she has big feet and gets over excited when she finds girly shoes her size) then we had tea in a nice coffee place and went home. Je les ai retrouvé dans la veille ville après le boulot vendredi soir, Crispin était en train de s’émerveiller devant des chaussures de fille à sa taille (elle a des grands pieds), un petit thé dans la vieille ville et direction maison.


at the Vasa museum, in the diving bell… (yes yes, people used to stand on this and go under water just breathing thanks to the “air pocket” on top of the bell…SCARY!)   you can have a glimpse at my new awesomely warm and fun tights mom offered me, from Indiska, a store full of amazing (and expensive) items !!  Au musée Vasa, dans la cloche de plongé (oui oui, les gens se tenaient sous cette cloche et plongaient en respirant grace à la poche d’air en haut de la cloche…AU SECOURS). Un petit appercu de mes tout nouveaux collants tout douillés offert par ma maman chez Indiska, une boutique pleine de merveilles (assez cher les merveilles).

On saturday we made a girls group and a boys group (dad and älskling), they visited …stuff, and we walked around and shopped 🙂   we met for lördagsgodis and dinner (planka !!). On sunday we had a nice brunch at home, then took the boat to the Vasa museum which is really an amazing place. And there it was already time to leave 😦  Samedi on a fait un groupe de filles et un groupe de mec, ils ont visité des…trucs, et on s’est baladé tout en faisant du shopping 🙂 On s’est retrouvé pour les bonbons du samedi et une planka à drottninggatan. (MIAM). Dimanche, brunch puis le musée Vasa, magnifique. Et voilà, c’était déjà le moment de repartir 😦

I feel they forgot me behind, i m having the hardest time undertand this is where i live now. And it’s hard to be by yourself. J’ai l’impression qu’ils m’ont oublié. J’ai un mal fou à comprendre que j’habite ici maintenant. C’est dur d’être indépendante.



here is the top of the look 😉  et voilà le look entier 😉

it’s getting late and im feeling…down, I’ll write more about this weekend later…/ Il est tard et j’ai le cafard, la suite plus tard…

15 thoughts on “i m a tourist who lives here…

  1. Love your new tights. You have such a gorgeous family.

    I used to get so sad when my parents would leave after visiting me. It got easier the longer I was away from them, but I can understand the heartache.


  2. Oh that’s really some fun-looking tights! Sounds like you had the perfect weekend with your family, too bad it was so short though:(

    But you can always plan to go back to Paris again and they could always come back to visit you! Cheer up, dear:)

  3. sounds luck you were a good host after all! 🙂
    glad you had a fun weekend! hang in there Mo…

    i am tres tres jealous of your tights, they are so stripy and colourful, i would love to go under that bell and dive under water, do they still use it?

  4. cute tights! they remind me of Hanna Andersen!

    it sounds like you had a really lovely weekend, despite the home/family sickness. I totally understand. It hard to leave when you actually like your family. Fell better my dear!

  5. I’m so sorry you feel down after having your family go home again – sometimes nice things go by way too fast! When are you going to Paris next?

    You’ve been wearing and buying lots of stuff with gold buttons lately, and needless to say, I love it! I’m a sucker for anything tailored with gold buttons, haha.

    You asked me a while ago (but I am bad at replying) what I was writing my thesis on… I’m writing about how Holocaust literature can be used in English classes in Norwegian schools.

  6. j’ai fait la pub de la suede ds toute la fac! tu vas voir déboulé une foule de petit p2 sur le pas de ta porte! fais gaffe!
    le fou rire du jour : g dis à une copine
    “he gt en suede ce we !
    et la premiere chose qu’elle me demande :
    – veinarde! t’as visité le VASA?
    à moi meme :
    – (fuck je vais pas pouvoir faire ma cultivé)
    BIEN SUR! attend tu imagines un voyage en suede SANS visite du vasa?? ha ha ha!

    ce que g passé sous silence c que le vasa avant ce voyage pour moi ct une craquotte (vasi vasa, vasiii cf.pub)

    d’ailleurs c ce que une autre de mes popines (et oui je suis pleines de popinettes) ma dit
    -tu connais le vasa? (je verifie maintenant av de vouloir me la peter sec)
    réponse de la popine :
    -le biscuit?

  7. I know the feeling! Saying goodbye to your family is not a good feeling! But you had fun for a week I hope!:)

    And you allways look good! Your outfits is awesome!! 😀

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