don’t ask

…i didn’t have time to write in days..i feel bad. Days are getting busier and busier…and…i got some bad news im not ready to discuss now.

Anyway, on monday evening i went to a “French short movies night” organized by the embassy. It was 13 shorts films subtitled in swedish + sandwishes and wine. It was really good and most of them really fun. I enjoyed it a lot !

On tuesday i went to the movie again….but to watch a concert. Robbie Williams first concert in 3 years ! He was performing in London and the show was broadcasted all over the world via satellite in movie theater !! AWESOME. Yes i’m a RW fan. It’s been…well 8 years. It was a very small cinema and they offered kannelbullar and tea !

Work’s been crazy lately. Today i got an intern for a month. Can you  believe it? An intern. My boss actually told her “Mo is your boss”. I can’t believe i’m someone’s boss. I can barely handle myself. Plus, we are the same age. 

Here is what i wore on monday, i’ve been looking for this jacket for months, back in Paris, after a while i kinda got ever it until we literaly bumped into it in H&M last weekend !!!!!!!!!



je n’ai rien écrit depuis des jours…c’est mal. Mais mes journées deviennent impossible…et puis..j’ai eu une nouvelle..pas top…que j’évoquerai surement plus tard…

Lundi soir je suis allée à une soirée “films courts français” organisée par l’ambassade. 13 films de quelques minutes avec sandwishes et vin rouge. Les films étaient très bon, la soirée très sympa.

Mardi je suis retournée au ciné..voir un concert. Le premier  concert de Robbie Williams depuis 1996 ! (oui oui je suis fan, et c’est pas récent !) Il faisait un concert à Londres, rentransmi live dans le monde entier par satellite dans des salles de ciné. Celle ou on été offrait kanelbullar et thé !

Les journées de travail sont de plus en plus longues…et aujourd’hui ma stagiaire est arrivée. Oui, j’ai une stagiaire. Moi. Mon boss lui a dit “Mo est ta boss”. Moi qui ai déjà du mal a me gerer moi même. En plus elle a mon age. C’est vraiment bizarre.

Voilà ce que je portait lundi, j’ai cherché cette veste pendant des mois à Paris, puis je me suis fait une raison jusqu’a ce que l’on tombe littéralement dessus dimanche dernier à H&M !


12 thoughts on “don’t ask

  1. yea thats typical swedish fall buuu… hate it when its always grey ! hopefully you’ll get some sunshine too!
    Oh wow- an intern that is soo cool, boss ;D Wiii ^^
    looking cool as always too !

  2. So wonderful that you have someone to delegate to. Mo’s the boss!!

    I adore your new jacket!

    I hope everything’s ok. Just know I’m thinking of you and wishing you well.

  3. Oh, you make me feel kind of nervous about the bad news. I hope it’s nothing too bad, Mo…

    How great that you’re someone’s boss in just 1 month! You must be so good at what you do:)

    And such a lovely military jacket! The detailing in the front is superb!!

  4. Cute jacket! I love military style jackets. And the mocies and concert sound fun! Concerts are my favourite thing! Congrats on the new title! haha! I worked for a church once and began as an errand girl/teacher of 3 year olds, then suddenly I was like third in command of the children’s dept. and had to lead all the adult teachers. I was 19. It freaked me out, but was a really good learning experience! Good Luck!

    I hope everything’s okay, I’ll keep you in my thoughts!

  5. oh, your monday and tuesday sound amazing! And I can imagine how scary it is having all that responsibility of being someone’s boss – but the good news is that we adapt very quickly to such things!
    I hope you are well, despite the “bad news”.

    Lovely jacket!

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