when you feel low…

ok, so the only thing that stops me from entering depression city is the fact that my friend Delphine is here for a few days. So i have to put it together. But bad news + stressing work are really hitting me bad. So what do we do?

Ok donc le seul truc qui m’empèche d’entrer en totale depression est le fait que mon amie Delphine soit là pour quelques jours, donc je me tiens. Mais la mauvaise nouvelle + le boulot qui me stress…j’ai du mal à gérer. Résultat?


you eat raspberry muffins / Je me tape des muffins à la framboise


raspberry pies drawn in cream / des tartes à la framboise noyée dans la crème anglaise


and wait for lördags godis… / et j’attend les bonbons du samedi


Yeah, baiscally i eat and stress. Perfect combo right? I promise no more “suspens” for next post. I’ll let you know. I miss blogging.

Voilà, je mange et je stress. Parfaite combinaison. Bon, plus de supsens, la prochaine fois j’annonce la couleur. Ca me manque de “blogger” …


8 thoughts on “when you feel low…

  1. Wow, those treats look so delicious.

    I hope having your friend there brings you some happiness.

    I’m still thinking of you and wishing you the best.


  2. Oh no! Happy thoughts, hey! Hopefully the company and all that good food will help tide you over until things are better 🙂

  3. Well I don’t read French (darn), but I do recognize a delicious muffin when I see one! I too head straight for the sugar when I am stressed. Hope things start going better for you soon!!

    🙂 T

  4. Oh yummy raspberry delights! I hope having your friend there and having these sweets have cheered you up a lil!

    I tend to pamper myself too with yummy treats when I’m feeling down and low:)

    Hope you feel better, Mo!!

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