i’ve heard it’s Halloween

first of all: a huge thank you and a big hug to all of you, your messages were so nice, and truly made me feel better.

Tout d’abord: Merci. Vos messages m’ont fait du bien.

I’ve been so busy with work, and well, life, that i had forgotten about Halloween. We got an invitation to go to the Marines Halloween party and we obviously couldn’t show up without anything so we got a simple idea:

J’ai été tellement occupée par le boulot..et le reste, que j’en avais presque oublié Halloween. Comme on avait reçu une invit des Marines, on ne pouvait pas se permettre d’arriver “en civil”, alors on a fait simple, mais efficace:


the devil’s attorney / l’avocat du diable

just before the party we stopped at Skogskyrkogården, the cimetary right next to our place. It was breathtaking. Hundreds of people, putting thousands of candles along the little paths, by the graves…it was magical. I m so mad i didn’t have my camera. But i found that pic on flickr. Beautiful right? For once i was glad it was dark at 4pm.

Avant la soirée, nous sommes passé à Skogskyrkogården, le cimetière à côté de chez nous. C’était superbe. Des centaines de personnes venues déposer des milliers de petites bougies le long des chemins et sur les tombes…c’était magique. Comme une idiote j’avais oublié mon appareil mais j’ai trouvé cette photo sur flickr. Pour une fois, la nuit noire à 16h était la bienvenue.



Alskling is leaving tomorrow. Might be some depressing posts coming up. Im sorry about that. älskling part demain. Les prochains posts risquent d’être un chouille déprimant.

16 thoughts on “i’ve heard it’s Halloween

  1. Your Halloween-outfit was really cool:) I’m sad to hear that your boyfriend is leaving… I’m glad to hear he’s coming home every weekend:) Hopefully you’ll feel better in a while…

  2. Hahahahahahaha!!!! I showed this to my mom and she has decided that my dad (who is an attorney) are going as this next year! hahah! The cemetary is beautiful! It looks like a magical fairyland!

    I’m glad you’re feeling a bit better. Everything will be okay! I promise!

  3. Hey!
    I just found your blog, it’s great! Your situation seems a bit unlucky, but maybe something really good will come out of it, who knows?
    All the best,

  4. 🙂 Cutie couple
    Yea Skogskyrkogården is really something nice, really !
    and it’s so sad it’s getting darker in the evenings now though- we just turned the time back last night and now and it’s gonna get darker an hour earlier now… so sad.
    Yea I went to San Francisco last night for HAlloween. It was a lot of fun ! I ws dressed as a 80s promgirl haha..

  5. Hey sweetie,

    You both look so good together, amazing costumes! I hope you’re not feeling too down now that he’s gone…a year isn’t that short, but it isn’t that long either…and you’ve survived the long distance for so long now…my heart goes out to you! And I’m rooting for you both!!

    Hope there are wonderful people and friends around you who will help you ease the pain. Just keep yourself busy, time pass so much faster that way! I am sending you all the virtual hugs in the world:)


  6. you look gorgeous, love the sparkly little horns and bow tie!! and do not worry about depressing posts, vent and let it out 🙂 Hope you are feeling okay ❤ !!!!!

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