Some days ago, The biche gave me an award. I like that. It’s nice to receive awards…. so here it goes :


thank the person who awarded you. Tell 7 things about you. Link 7 other bloggers and let them know you awarded them.

  1. i love sending and receiving funny cards/letters
  2.  i never really liked Mickael Jackon… (here i said it) 
  3.  As all normal french person, i adore cheese and white/rosé wine but i don’t drink red wine nor do i smoke
  4.  i bit m nails way too much and always destroy my manucure attempts
  5. i m in the process of reading every Nicholas Sparks books
  6. i have a tendency to assume things have a mind on their own and i don’t like to “hurt” them
  7. candles + couch + blanket + Friends + tea + cookie + cold & dark oustside = perfection

i know i m supposed to tag 7 bloggers but since im going thru a rough time i decided i’ll award everyone that helped me the last days… all of you who commented on my last 3 posts…thank you.

Milly, Laura, Maria, Ashley, Elly, Victoria, Anna, Sher, honey bunny in wonderland   , Le journal de Chrys, Elena, Ariella, svenja, MarissaHanne, Nadine  , Hermione, Clau, Linnéa och Jennifer, Sam, Daria & Willow, Princess Liberty, Roza, nubiasnonsense , Narcissique  

So… the weekend went by fast… älskling came back with those big boots and those big green bag guys from the army have…  My colleagues had a “multicultural party” at there place on friday evening, around 30 people from every embassies in Stokcholm, drinking and talking every languages…it was very fun.

Saturday and sunday were lazy days, eating kannelbullar, candies, shopping a little (hence, new stuff on the picture)… Now i won’t stress yet about my presentation in front of a classroom tomorrow, and i won’t be sad yet that he’s leaving tomorrow morning… tomorrow is another day.





Skirt : Myrorna (H&M) for 4,5 euros !

Tights from H&M

legwarmers from Twilight

Shoes from André

Top from la Halle aux vètements
















Il y à quelques jours, j’ai reçu un award de la part de The biche ! C’est sympa de recevoir des awards…alors voilà:

Remercie celui qui te l’a donné. Dis nous 7 choses que tes lecteurs ne savent pas de toi. Mets les liens de 7 bloggueurs. Préviens les qu’ils ont gagné un award à leur tour.

  1. J’adore envoyer et recevoir des cartes et des lettres
  2. Je n’ai jamais vraiment aimé Mickael Jackson…voilà c’est dit
  3. Comme tout français qui se respecte, j’adore le fromage et le vin blanc/rosée, par contre je n’arrive pas a aimer le vin rouge..et je ne fume pas.
  4. je me ronge les ongles constament et je ruine tout mes essais de manucure
  5. je suis en train de lire tous les livres de Nicholas Sparks
  6. J’ai souvent le sentiment que les choses ont un esprit indépendant et qu’il ne faut pas leur faire de mal…
  7. Bougies+canapé+couverture+Friends+thé+gateaux+ froid et noir dehors = perfection

Je sais que je suis censée récompenser 7 bloggers, mais comme ça va pas trop en ce moment, je me suis dit que j’allais “tager” toutes celles qui m’on soutenu cette semaine…toutes celles qu’y m’on laissé des messages sur mes 3 derniers posts…MERCI.

Le weekend est passé vite.. älskling est rentré, avec ces grosses bottes et ce gros sac vert qu’ont les militaires…Mes collègues organisaient une fête “multiculturelle” chez eux vendredi soir, une trentaine de personnes venues de toutes les ambassades de Stokcholm…super sympa.

Samedi et dimanche…pas grand chose de productif si ce n’est manger des kannelbullar et des bonbons, et un peu de shopping bien sur (d’ou les nouveautés) …Je ne vais pas encore stressé concernant ma présentation devant une classe lundi matin…et je ne vais pas encore pleurer parce qu’il repart demain matin…on verra demain.


20 thoughts on “enough

  1. Congratulations on your much deserved blog award, Mo!! You’re so sweet to pass it along!!

    Such fun facts about you. I also believe that inanimate objects have feelings too!!

    Completely adore your new outfit. Such a pretty skirt and tights!!


  2. Aw, you’re so sweet! I’m glad to hear you’re starting to feel better! Love the outfit!

    I thought of you this morning when I was shopping. I bought some Organic Raspberry shampoo and conditioner, and knew I had totell you. It smells just like raspberries and kind of makes me want to eat my hair! haha!

    I never liked Michael Jackson either. Your list was funny! The Party sounds fabulous, I love being caught up with a bunch of people from different cultures!

    Good luck with the presentation! You’ll be great!!!!

  3. You’re looking great, so good to see you’re feeling better! Also congrats on the award, I adore your 7 facts!!

    Good luck with your presentation:) Oh I hope he comes back again soon!

  4. Yay for cheese! I’m a big fan of cheese too. We visit the French Markets on Saturday and I ALWAYS come back with ridiculous amounts of cheese! 🙂

    And yay! Your outfit is super super cute!

  5. Wow you’re becoming so good in swedish 😀 Awesome ! ^^
    Oh thanks for awarding me ! I’ll see it I have time to do it one day 😛
    And how nice that his back now too !! ENjoy it !

  6. Merci beaucoup ! Comme j’aime pas trop répondre sur mon blog je le fais ici :
    -je porte des lunettes
    -je dis toujours “en fait”
    -j’aime lire (hé oui pourtant je suis une ado !)
    -je change d’humeur tous les jours
    -je dors encore avec un doudou^^
    -j’aimerais devenir styliste ou photographe mais je n’ose pas le dire, j’ai peur des moqueries
    -je ne sais pas danser
    Voilà c’est fait ! Bisous

  7. I’m glad you seem to be doing a bit better! Your outfit is so pretty. You have to tell me where your shoes are from – they look so wonderful!
    And thanks for the award!

  8. Your award is well deserved:) I love your outfit, really cute:) I hope your feeling better now and that you enjoy your time in Stockholm. If I had lived there I would have suggested a date:) But I’m in Oslo…

  9. Mais ça m’plait comme style ça, owi !
    J’n’étais jamais v’nue par ici, si, oui, non? j’sais plus, j’crois pas.

    Oh la, mon absence sur la bloggo a trop duré.

    Bises en tout cas, à très bientôt !

  10. love the new skirt and the bow on your head mo! looks lovely.
    glad to hear you’ve got some time to spend with him, try not to think about the days you’re gonna spend, just look forward to the day you’ll get to see him again 🙂

    p.s. thanks for tagging me ❤

  11. p.p.s
    1. “i love sending and receiving funny cards/letters”
    me too i’m hooked on letters eversince i watched p.s. I love You. such a sweet movie.
    I shall send you a card in the near future 🙂 if I may

    7. candles + couch + blanket + Friends + tea + cookie + cold & dark oustside = perfection
    sounds like heaven. friends are the best

  12. Je te rejoins sur le point 2 ! ! ! MJ n’est pas mon idole, d’ailleurs je n’en ai pas.

    C’est très sympa d’avoir pensé à moi mais j’ai déjà répondu à ce tag dernièrement…


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