Bring it* on, im ready… *(the winter)

Mom’s back in Paris… 😦 i had a great time with her here. It was so nice to go for dinner and fika after work.

We shopped a LOT this week. A LOT. The last purchase on saturday were very needed. They costed an arm, but i adore them !

Maman est rentrée à Paris 😦 c’était pourtant tellement agréable les repas et “fika” entre filles après le boulot.

Et le SHOPPING. Dans le désordre, dernier achats “vitaux” de samedi. Ca a couté un bras, mais ça valait le coup !

santahelpershoes A pair of nice new warm Santa helpers boots

Une paire de bottines fourrées qui me donne un petit air “lutin du père noël”..juste comme j’aime


A “warm – though – not-  making  – you- look -like -a -snowman” coat:

un manteau: chaud, mais qui évite le look grosse boule de neige !


On saturay 14, they launched the Jimmy Choo Collection at H&M…naive me, i thought, let’s check it out…yeah right. The girls had been queuing all morning and queued all day. I never even got closer to a pair of shoes. 😉 (that i wouldn’t have been able to afford anyway)

Samedi 14, c’était le lancement de la collection Jimmy Choo chez H&M. Naive comme je suis, je me suis dit que j’irais bien y faire un tour. Ba voyons. Les filles faisaient la queue depuis l’aube et ont fait la queue toute la journée. Je n’ai même pas pu approcher une paire.  😉 (que je n’aurais de toute façon pas pu me payer)


Tonight we went out with some friend to a very very nice restaurant called Grill, it has different atmosphere/themes, and tonight we were in the “romance/sexy lounge” area, it was really great. Plus, right next to us was Leila Bagge, one of the jury of the swedish Idol, also known as “the most beautiful swedish woman” according to älskling.

Ce soir nous sommes aller diner avec des copains dans un restau assez chic et très sympa, Grill. La déco est géniale et il y plusieurs thèmes/ déco. Ce soir on été assis dans le coin “romantique/sexy”. C’était génial. Et à côté de nous était installé Leila Bagge, un des jury de la nouvelle star suédoise, et selon älskling, “la plus belle femme suédoise”.

One more just because i love that coat !

Une dernière pour la route !



15 thoughts on “Bring it* on, im ready… *(the winter)

  1. ooooo! pretty coat! red is my favourite colour! And I quite like the boots. Now you can dress up like and elf. I have always wanted to be an elf. I am not sure why.

    I can’t imagine trying to get through that crowd. Freaking crazy. But your weekend sounds very nice!

  2. That is such a beautiful coat Mo and I adore your boots.

    I have a red coat post ready for tomorrow, too!!

    I’m so glad that you had such a wonderful time with your mom!!

  3. Your coat is lovely! You look like Little Red Riding Hood now:)

    Oh wow, the place looks so packed! Too bad you couldn’t even get a glimpse of the shoes!!

    And so great that you had so much shopping done, it does makes one happy to have new things, doesn’t it?

  4. Your coat is beautiful, I love some color:) Nad the boots are really cute:)
    Yes, I’m goint to Brussels for a couple of days. It’s a worktrip, but hopefully I will be able to see some of the city as well!

  5. oh, you look so gorgeous girl! i love your outfit. the coat fits you perfectly, and the i love the boots :))

    sounds you’ve had a nice time:)

    have a nice evening,hug!

  6. Pirate Radio is a new movie out in theaters here (I’m thinking it might show up on swedish screens in about 10 years or so haha…)… Its about a radiostation in the 60s playing rock n roll music, and since I’m a total 60s r&r music fan I loved the movie ! 😀 Great soundtrack and an awesome movie itself 🙂

    Oh how great you had a good time with your mum, and too bad she’s back in Paris.
    Oh yea, Leila.. hihi.. awesome, yea she’s cool 😛

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