this is the reason why

why i won’t be able to blog so much this week ūüė¶

The 43 representatives of the 25 french schools and universities arrive this evening at 10.30 pm. I have to pick them up. (in the bus).

Then wedsnesday and thursday will be the big forum.

I cross my fingers everything will turn out well. No one will complain. There will be enough room for everyone, enough food, badges, enough students visiting(!!!), that the workshops will be interresting, that the banner won’t fall, that the table cloths will fit, that we will be on schedule, that no luggage gets lost, that everyone will be satisfied and fell it was worth coming, and that no one misses the plane to Helsinki. (next and last stop of the nordic tour). No, i have no reason to be stressed. right?

we are on facebook

La raison pour laquelle je ne serais pas trop sur le net cette semaine…

Les 43 repr√©sentants des √©coles et universit√©s fran√ßaises arrivent demain soir √† 22h30, je dois aller les accueillir √† l’a√©roport…

Et puis mercredi & jeudi c’est le grand forum.

Je croise les doigts pour que tout ce passe bien. Pour que personne ne se plaigne, qu’il y ait assez de place pour tout le monde, assez de bouffe, de badges, d’√©tudiants (!!!), que les ateliers soient productifs, que la banni√®re ne tombe pas, que les nappes tiennent, que l’on soit dans les temps, que les bagages ne soient pas perdus, que tout le monde soit contents et heureux d’√™tre venu, et que personne ne rate son avion pour Helsinki, la prochaine et derni√®re √©tape du tour. Pourquoi je stresse?


6 thoughts on “this is the reason why

  1. Whoa, it looks like you have a busy busy week ahead of you! Good luck with everything!!

    Oh, I love the book, the movie is pretty nice too because of Eric Bana and Rachel Mcadams. It’s a touching love story which may induce tears:)

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