Shit happens. Get over it…with wonderful friends, old boysband and pancakes

So. The forum didn’t went great. It was…kinda messy. im not quite sure i wanna talk about it. I didn’t really had time to be upset about it anyway.

On wedsnesday evening i got home quite late, exhausted, frustrated, sad and scared about the coming day.  But a package was waiting for me in the mail. A wonderful package from wonderful Maria. It made me feel so much better. It was full of adorable little presents. And i can’t wait to share them with you. Unfortunatly my camera decided to take a break (that’s the last pic i could take). But anyway, i LOVE every single one of them and i already put them in good use yesterday night. THANK YOU SO MUCH.

Bon, le forum n’a pas été un franc succès. J’ai pas vraiment envie d’en parler en fait. Et puis je n’ai pas eu le temps de trop y penser.

Mercredi soir, en rentrant après la première journée, crevée, frustrée, déçue et stressée, j’ai trouvé un paquet dans le courrier. Un paquet en provenance de Maria. Rempli de petites surprises adorables qui mon complètement remontées le moral. J’ai vraiment hate de vous les montrer, malheureusement mon appareil photo à décidé de poser un RTT. (ci dessous, sa dernière photo)

Plus, friday, my very good friends Flo and Sash arrived. älskling got home. And it was all of us walking around in Stockholm. Shopping of course. Under the sun (no kidding). It was perfect. So i have a billion of stuff to show. I got a new dress for exemple.

Sash is american, and she makes the most wonderful and delicious pancakes. And we eat them. This morning we’ve been listening to Take That’s song “Back for good” non stop. The video clip is hilarious. The outfits / dance moves are amazing.

About cameras, Sash just got a new camera (Canon SD 1200) and i think i fell in love with it. I m thinking of getting it for Xmas….i wish i knew a little more about you guys have any advices?? 

Et puis, vendredi, Flo et Sash ont débarqué. Et älskling est renté. On a passé le weekend à se balader dans les rues de Stockholm, à faire du shopping bien sur, sous le soleil (oui oui).

Sash est américaine. Elle fait les plus merveilleux pancakes au monde. Et nous, on les mange.  On écoute en boucle depuis ce matin “Back for good” de Take That. Le clip est priceless.

A propos d’appareil photo, je suis en train de tomber amoureuse de l’appareil de Sash, Canon SD 1200. Je suis en train d’envisager un investissement. J’amerais bien m’y connaître un peu plus…. des conseils?


13 thoughts on “Shit happens. Get over it…with wonderful friends, old boysband and pancakes

  1. i am literally green with envy
    my weekend was filled with exam prep 😦
    can’t wait to get my degree…
    in 4 years time XD
    glad to hear from you again

  2. Oh, sounds like you had a fun weekend, which is just what you need!!

    You’re so very welcome and I’m so glad that the sequin beret was a hit. I knew it would look so lovely on you!!

  3. Oh those pancakes look delicious!! And how sweet of Maria to send you a care package!! I can’t wait for you to show pics of her little gifts, must be wonderful:))

  4. I know haha, american football is difficult, alright !! but yeaa it was really cool, though !!
    Oh what a happy post, I’m glad you’ve been having a good time and walking under the sun- ahhh so cozzy 🙂

  5. I look forward to see all your new stuff, and the dress!! 🙂
    the pancakes looks so good, now im hungry! 🙂

    have a nice evening, beautiful!

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