Maria, Maria, Stockholm

That’s a flag in Gamla Stan, the old city of Stockholm, and i thought it was totally appropriate for this post

wooa, i’ve missed you little blog. But it was just bad timing. 2 of my best friends over for a week, my camera breaks and then…sick. Last week, i received a package from Maria. That’s the day my camera decided to take a break. So i apologize for the bad quality of some pictures. (The good ones are taken with Sash’s camera).

Maria from Lulu Letty send me a package with not 1, not 2 but 3 surprises that totally saved me from depression that week. Some of you might remember that last july, i got lucky and won Maria’s giveway, sponsored by Pretty Good Things. I got to pick an adorable Le Teeny Beret from Pretty Good Things Etsy shop. Unfortunatly, and i think the post system is the only responsible here, the package never arrived 😦     I feel kind of guilty to say that Maria decided to give me hers instead.

Here is the only “good” pic of it “in action”. I got a lot of compliments about it already !

That pic was taken in a club last saturday, about 10 min before we realized we were way too old for this (pretending to enjoy ourself, trying to fight for our square meter of personal space against half naked/to much make up girls, not being able to afford drinks and moving our tired asses to Techno music). We realized all we wanted was to put on pj’s, get a cup of tea and watch a movie. People, we’re officially old.


Package number 2: ribbons, i LOVE ribbons. I love them in my hair, on my clothes… i love the bright colors…

And finally, this georgous broche. I adore broches. But i never know how to pick them. This one is perfect, i love the color, the shape.

So, Maria, this post is for you, is is a HUGE THANK YOU !!!!!

next time, i’ll have to tell you about my crazy week and Thanksgiving !

bye, everybody, i missed ya !

Ce petit blog m’a manqué ! Mais entre mes amis, mon appareil photo qui se met en grève et maitenant, mon super gros rhume…ça c’est mal goupillé !

Ce post est un gros merci à Maria de Lululetty pour ses beaux cadeaux qui sont arrivés au moment parfait, la semaine dernière !

J’avais gagné, en juillet dernier le giveway de Maria, sponsorisé par Pretty Good Things. Malheureusement le Teeny Beret que j’avais choisi c’est perdu en chemin. Alors Maria a décidé de m’envoyer le sien !!! 

Elle m’a aussi envoyé de beaux rubans pour mes cheveux et cette magnifique broche !!  Que dire, si ce n’est MERCI MERCI MERCI MERCI !!

A plus, faudra que je vous raconte ma semaine pleine de rebondissements et de bouffe (Thanksgiving oblige)


13 thoughts on “Maria, Maria, Stockholm

  1. Totally understand the part about feeling too old… but it’s a good picture of you guys !
    And hopefully you’ll get some sun this coming week !

  2. Yay for cute little brooches and ribbons and things 🙂 And yeah, I’m officially old too – sometimes it’s just more comfortable (and a better time!) to stay in with friends than fight with people half your age 🙂

  3. Oh, I love that flag!! 😉

    See, I knew that beret would look so good on you!! The gold looks perfect with your blonde hair!! I’m so glad that you liked the package and the little surprises. It’s the least I could do to help brighten your day and repay the lost giveaway gift!!


  4. Aww, what a sweet post for sweet Maria! Just adore the flag you found, it’s perfect!!

    And the teeny beret looks adorable on you, hope to see a clearer pic of it next! I agree with you about the clubbing part, I think I too have passed the clubbing age, I’d rather spend my night in pjs and curling up with a good book or movie:)

  5. Dear, come to Barcelona whenever you want, you’ll have a home for you here! ;)!!

    I see so many beautiful things here… aaaaw, Maria, so lovely as always!!

  6. what wonderful little gifts! The Baret is so sweet! Maria is indeed one incredibly kind lady!

    I cracked up about the club! I feel the same way! Anytime I go out late at night with friends about fifteen minutes into it I start thinking about cuddling up with coffee and a movie, or a book and then going to bed nice and early. My friends now call me grandma. heehee!

  7. i had the same realisation about night clubs a few weeks ago when i saw a girl i used to babysit; and i was like WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE YOU ARE LIKE 13 but no, turns out time does not stand still and she is now 19 and legally permitted in clubs hehe whoops

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