you wait for it for so long, and in the wink of an eye, it’s over.

On friday, i came back to France for 3 days. For St Nicolas.

St Nicolas is the best family weekend of the year. It’s just like Xmas but better. It takes place at my grandparents’, the whole family meets (around 27 people), all the cousins (15) sleep in the attic, everyone cooks a pie or a cake, we eat a LOT, we laugh even more, on saturday we go to the St Nicolas’ market, then to the parade and watch the fireworks. Then, after dinner, we all sit on my grandparents bed and watch the election of Miss France, everyone rank their 5 favorites and we see who wins. On sunday morning, we sing, and open the presents. There are so many of them, covering the whole floor. It’s crazy. Then we eat some more.

Ce weekend, c’était la St Nicolas, le weekend le plus extra de l’année. Grande réunion familliale, une quinzaine de cousins, des bonbons, des chocolats, des tonnes de cadeaux, l’éléction de Miss France… bref, Noël en mieux.

This is what i ate, mostly…

This is one of my numerous presents, My new Raspberry camera !!!!!!!  I can now start blogging again !!!

This is Elio, all grown up, all dressed up.. (and not looking so happy about it)

Just a quick post to say i’m back, soon, more of my awesome presents !!


13 thoughts on “you wait for it for so long, and in the wink of an eye, it’s over.

  1. Hello. So I just had to say I was checking out a blog I follow and went to post a comment but it looked like i already had, but then I realized it was a different Mo!
    Cute blog by the way.

  2. Oh how lovely! ANd great presents too:))
    I guess Santa’s day and St Nicolas are more or less the same celebration as Santa’s name is Nicolas:P:D Love this day to the bits<3

  3. Sounds really lovely! We’ve never celebrated St. Nicholas day before this year! My mom read my brothers and sisters the story of st Nicholas and then told them how he put presents in kids shoes. So all my brothers and sisters put out heir shoes and my four year old sister insisted I put mine out too. and in the morning there was a cadny cane and a little gift inside our shoes. My mom had to scramble to find something to put in mine so as not to depress Grace. she is now terrified of Black Peter! haha! Your camera is so cute!

  4. That’s such a cute camera! I used to have a pink camera too, but it officially died when I took it bike riding and dropped it 😦

  5. Haha, all your weekend eating definitely sounds like mine! Except mine had no macaroons!! Oh how I miss those!!!

    Your raspberry camera is so adorable and so you! Love it and I think I have the same headband as Elio lol:P I’ll wear it out for Christmas soon!!

  6. That songs like seriously the best weekend ever!! I want to be adopted by your family!!

    Elio!!!!!!!!!! He’s so big now!!!!

    Adore your new camera. It’s the perfect shade.


  7. Oh thanks for your kind words sweetie !! ❤
    How nice to be back for a while, and glad that you've had a great time and got to spend it with family !!

  8. everywhere i turn i seem to be seeing macaroons.
    at campus today, at my friend’s
    it’s haunting me i tell ya
    well i’m prepararing for my finals. how do you do mo?
    wish me luck 😀

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