Blue, blue & some more blue

to introduce some of my presents today, i picked the BLUE theme. Cause blue is pretty and makes me happy.

Les cadeaux d’aujourd’hui sont bleus. Tout bleus.

blue shinning shoes from my parents

De belles chaussures bleues brillantes

Blue, very soft, dress from my parents

une robe bleue toute douce

Blue vintage butterfly necklace from Crispin

un collier papillon bleu

ps: i still need to get the hang of my new camera… so sorry for the weird..quality sometimes…

18 thoughts on “Blue, blue & some more blue

  1. Mo, your hair is getting so long, you look like a fairytale Rapunzel:)

    Love the blue in your presents, the necklace especially is so sweet! And I want shoes like that too!!

  2. Oh my, I love everything!! The necklace is really beautiful!
    You know? I started wearing blue this year, like brown and yellow… I always was in black, white and red clothes but now I want to feel colors on me, hahaha!!


  3. You definitely have to go to a place where they have a “lucia tåg” (a choir , everyone wearing long white dresses, and then the Lucia with candles in her hair , and they sing Christmas carols.). That is a must ! 🙂 Check out the local churches, they’ll have one on sunday dec 13. For sure.

    That’s pretty much what we do, I’d say. And surround yourself with nice people 🙂
    Have a happy Lucia weekend 🙂

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