the days before Xmas…

I love that time of the year, people are more relaxed, knowing they’ll be on vacation with their family soon,  they drink glög and eat heart shaped pepparkakor, the streets get all kind of pretty lights, especially here, every single window has this kind triangle shaped chandelier, it’s adorable.

Since we’re not spending Xmas here, i’ll be in Paris, he’ll be in Malmö, we didn’t really got all “Xmas” crazy on the decoration, but i still wanted a little tree. And it feels more like Xmas now.

Some more presents from St Nicolas, to complete our never ending M&M’s collection:

limited edition Xmas package

    M&M”s Dominos (had NO idea that existed !)

    M&M’s from CHINA !!

    Awesome Winterish M&M’s dispenser !

    J’adore la periode avant noël…les rues qui s’illuminent (surtout ici!), les gens plus relax à l’idée des vacances qui approchent, et ici, le glög et les gateaux à la cannelles !! Même si on ne passe pas Noël ici j’ai investi dans un échantillon de Sapin pour nous mettre dans l’ambiance 🙂  De nouveaux M&M’s sont venu compléter notre collection !


    7 thoughts on “the days before Xmas…

    1. Have a happy x-mas!! I think that everybody goes back home in this time of the year; I’ll be back to my home in a week… yaw!

      M&Ms… it’s been years since the last time I ate them!!

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