Define me

Yesterday we went Xmas shopping, again. And it snowed. It snowed a LOT. And it stayed ! I got so excited. But this morning, it was all gone. As if i had dreamed it all.

a present from Crispin that i think is a perfect definition of me.

Hier, en plein shopping, il a neigé, beaucoup beaucoup. Et c’est resté. J’étais folle de joie. Ce matin, plus rien. Comme si j’avais rêvé 😦

Thsirt = Cadeau de Crispin = définition de Mo


11 thoughts on “Define me

  1. that is one cool shirt!
    i want to make one just for the sake of it 🙂
    i’ve never seen snow before, still waiting for the chance to come.
    have a nice day mo

  2. Your sister is the sweetest!!!

    I know how you feel. It keeps snowing here and then melting so quickly!!! It was raining all day yesterday. I so prefer snow to rain!


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