duck in the snow

it started to snow on sunday and didn’t stop until this morning ! Stockholm is WHITE ! TOTALLY WHITE. I’ve never seen that before, and i’m like a little kid.

(see the tiny french flag? That’s where i work !)

What do you do when it’s COLD outside? You take a nice hot bath…with your…my new duck is a floating RADIO !!!!!
(on-off and volume with the head, and switch stations with the tail ! Isn’t he adorable??)

Il neige ! IL NEIGE ! Depuis 3 jours ! Stockholm est magnifique !
Pour me réchauffer je prend mon bain avec mon nouveau copain, qui est en fait une radio!!!

12 thoughts on “duck in the snow

  1. that duck is the coolest thing!
    yes he is cute. has he got a name?

    i can relate to your post it’s been raining non-stop this past week. the temperature’s been soo cold and will drop more too but won’t be below freezing 😦 unfortunately.

    p.s. if the visa goes well i’ll be staying in Texas from feb 26 to March 6 ;D i’m so excited
    wish my luck mo with the visa!

  2. How beautiful! I’ve seen it snow four times. Two of which were during freak cold snaps where it snowed at my house and melted in half an hour. Once was in NYC on New Year’s Eve and that melted in an hour. And when I was six we were in the mountains for Thanksgving and suddenly it started to snow and my sister and I rushed to the window of the cabin we were staying in and watched it for an hour. The next day my uncle took us sledding and ran me into a tree. I still haven’t forgiven him for that. But the snow was beautiful!

    Love the duck! Totally want one now!

  3. What a cute duck:) It’s snowing in Oslo too, I love it:) Hoping for a white Christmas this year!
    I’m thinking about buying the dress from F21… Too bad the freight is so expensive! But I really want it:)

  4. Oh cute little duckie!! I used to have duckies in the bath when I was a kid:))

    And yay for snow!! I feel so jealous of you right now, you’re having a WHITE Christmas!! It just feels more Christmas-sy with the snow lol! It’s so hot here:(

    Oh, it’s been awhile since I watched Sense and Sensibility! Hmm, makes me wanna watch Pride and Prejudice too now:))

    Only one more week to Christmas!!!!


  5. Oh that duck is the coolest thing ever !!! I wish I had one of those (well, if I had a bathtub that is ^^).

    Ya, I found thou found the Lucia celebration last year, and I just had to attend it this year as well. Its so cozy !

    Aw I’m glad you had a nice Lucia day, and yey for braking the cookies- you r practically Swedish now 😉

  6. Oh, I love the snow!! Gorgeous photo Mo!! I love the street you work on.

    Oh, your duck is so adorable and quite functional. I could go for a very nice hot bath right about now!


  7. I love your duck-radio, it’s so funny, hahaha!!

    Oh, gosh, it’s snowind in lot of places but not here, sigh! I want some snow! I wish I live in Sweden ;____; (one of these days!)

  8. It snowed here Sunday for the first time too…now that rain has come and the snow is all sad. I want to thank you for your sweet caring comment you left on my blog the other day…we do miss our Rosie but your sweetness has brightened my day…thank you.

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