Jul bord

Jul Bord, or “Xmas table”, is a swedish tradition, and i love it. We had a Jul Bord at work today, everyone had to bring something (i was in charge of bread, not too hard), and we all gathered around the meeting table and talked, sang swedish Xmas songs and told jokes. It was a really nice moment and i ate way too much. It kinda sucks i cannot show more, but apparently im not allowed to take pics inside the embassy.

During lunch, there was a snow storm outside, again. It’s getting quite crazy here.  It’s wonderful. JP and i were like 2 kids on the way home tonight, we took pics of everything.
JP? I didn’t mention him yet did i? He is my french friend i met in Arkansas in 2006, he just got a job here and is staying at our place the time to find an appartment. 😉

(she must be FREEZING)

Jul Bord, ou table de Nöel, est une tradition suédoise que j’adore. C’était la Jul Bord au bureau aujourd’hui, beaucoup de bonnes choses à manger, beaucoup de chansons suédoises et de blagues un peu lourdes 😉
Pendant ce temps, la neige continue de tomber, ça nous rend fou, c’est magnifique. On se croirait en vacances au ski.


11 thoughts on “Jul bord

  1. Oh, I love all that snow!! It just keeps melting here! Sounds like such a wonderful event!!!

    So fun that JP is staying with you!


  2. The X’mas table looks so cool and so fun!!!

    And it really looks too cold to even walk out lol!

    Oh, it must be wonderful to have a friend staying with you:)


  3. We had our julbord last weekend, it was really great! You have so much snow:) It has snowed in Oslo too, but not that much. Today we have minus 11, brrrr! Have a nice day:)

  4. Jul Bord sounds fun and festive! It’s shame you can’t take photos in there though… so good job on sneaking in that first photo, hehe 😉

    have a great weekend!

  5. Yea Jul Bord is da thing !! Haha, neh, but true, it’s such a tradition.. I’m not a fan of the stuff at the table.. before I usually just had potato, meatballs and sausage, but since I don’t eat meat now I guess I would just stick to the potatoes haha… But I’m glad you liked it ! And wow, it’s so much snow there now.. How cozy. And my mum just said it’s -20 degrees Celsius where she lives/I lived. Crazy cold

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