earings from him

For St Nicolas älskling couldn’t come, but he had made sure to send a little package for me in advance. 3 pairs of earings, perfect for the season !!!!!!!!  I’ve been using them all week, matching Santa with the Xmas tree or snow flake with Santa and everybody loved them !!

Yesterday night the guys (älskling and JP) had to beg me to make me go out in the cold again, we went to a restaurant in Södermalm called Kelly’s, was really loud, but really nice food 😉
Today, it’s snowing again !!! And im blogging while the 2 guys are making breakfast !

Voici les cadeaux de St Nicolas de la part d’älskling, très adaptés , j’adore !
Hier, soirée chez Kelly’s a Södermalm avec les garçons, ce matin, ils font le ptit dej !!


10 thoughts on “earings from him

  1. Oh Mo, they are such adorable earrings! I like how you can mix and match, your bf did a great job picking them out!!

    I think you will look great with red lipsticks! And I don’t think you’ll look weird at all, cos I’m pretty pale too lol:P

    How I wish you didn’t have to go through LDR! I think the most important thing about a LDR is to know when it will end! I guess having an understanding on exactly when you’ll be together again helps define the relationship. And we make sure we talk everyday, no matter how busy we are, even if it was only for a few minutes. It really helps! I’m sure you both can make it work!!


  2. Those earrings are exceptionally cute! I really like the xmas tree one 🙂 Are you going home for xmas, or staying in Sweden?

    It does feel weird to be done, and not being a student anymore. So grown up, in a way. At the same time, I was very fed up with studying so I am very excited about it too.

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