snö sunday

today, my plan was : staying home, doing nothing. Just looking thru the window i was confident i wasn’t putting a toe outside. Unfortunatly, it was counting without älskling and his “i wanna enjoy Stockholm in the snow” speech. What got me out is that he actually had to buy a present for his mom. So yes, we went out. And it looked like this the whole time.

Now, it’s my turn to make the rules, and the rules are: couch, kannelbullar, and the 15th anniversary special edition FRIENDS box that we received yesterday !!!!!

I’m glad to have my älskling home 😉
(that’s a bracelet i got this summer…)

J’avais prévu de passer le dimanche au chaud, mais c’était sans compter Älkling qui a réussi à me trainer dehors, sous des flocons de la taille d’une balle de ping pong, j’ai quand même négocier la fin d’après midi au chaud à regarder l’édition spéciale 15e anniversaire de FRIENDS 😉


13 thoughts on “snö sunday

  1. is your house bu the woods? look at all that fluffy white snow!
    i like your bracelet too. i’m a sucker for unique bracelets ❤ i send you an e-mail 🙂
    hope you'll reply soon

  2. Oh my goodness, you look all snowed in!! It’s definitely way way way colder than where I am right now lol:P I’m so jealous!!

    So glad you have your dearest with you right now!! Enjoy the coming holidays:)


  3. Gosh, was it so cold? I’m getting crazy about snow; on January I’m going to Berlin and I guess I’ll be frozen there!! Wich kind of coat do you recomend me for the snow?

    And of course we could share buttons!! When I finish mine (I’m not so happy with the result) I’ll post about it!

  4. It’s so great that we’ll have a white Christmas this year:) Lots of snow in Oslo too, and cold! I’t best too stay in the sofa under a cozy blanket:)

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