All i want for Xmas…

YEAH !!! Tomorrow im going home ! Home France, Home Paris (well, close enough) , HOME HOME HOME for the break !!!!

Im so super excited ! im taking the plane at 6pm, i’ll spend xmas with my family, i’ll spend new year with my friends, it’s gonna be awesome !
And älskling will meet me on the 26th !!!
Just one more day at work to go thru..

wonderful broche from lovely Maria

Je rentre en FRANCE demain !!!!!  je passe Noël et nouvel an à  la maison !!!!! Avec ma famille et mes amis, autant dire que je ne me sent plus de joie ! En plus älskling me rejoint le 26 !!! Plus qu’un jour de boulot et hop hop hop here i come !


14 thoughts on “All i want for Xmas…

  1. Oh oh, I’m so excited for you!!! And to spend Christmas in paris must be the most wonderful thing in the world!!!

    I also have one more work day to go! YAY:)

    Have a wonderful Christmas week, Mo!

    *Big Christmas bear hugs*

    p.s. I love the snow too!! I wish I knew how to do this for my blog:P

  2. Have a merry merry Christmas, Mo! It’s good to be back with the family and friends for those days (I’ll be doing the same tomorrow, yaw!)
    Take care, please… and enjoy!

  3. Have a wonderful Christmas and a brilliant new year, Mo! I’ve been enjoying your snowy Sweden pics, by the way. But I’d love to see some of Christmas in France….

  4. It’s fantastic you’re going home to spend Christmas with your family and friends – I hope the bad weather doesn’t delay your travelling. Have a fabulous Christmas:)

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