what went wrong?

yesterday night i was watching  Pride and Prejudice with Mom…. i was complaining how my hair is so long it’s not curly anymore, so decided to try something…

I went to bed like this, not really knowing what to expect…

i woke up like this,

I freaked out and started to brush it gently…

Not a good idea

I now look nothing like Lizzy from Pride and Prejudice but a lot like Louis XIV from…well History books.

And of course älskling arrives now… 🙂

En regardant Orgueil et préjugés hier soir, je me suis dit que mes cheveux ne bouclaient plus, alors j’ai tenté les bigoudis en alu … bonne initiative Mo….


19 thoughts on “what went wrong?

  1. Oh my!! So curly and so 80’s!! The first time I tried to curl my hair it was the same, don’t worry!! Is it now ok?

    I hope you’re having a gorgeous Christmas, Mo!!

  2. Hehe, you are too cute, Mo!!

    I used to do that too when I was younger and obsessed with having curls!! I wonder if I should try it again:P

    Have fun with the boy!!


  3. ha ha ha! This made me laugh out loud. That probably IS what people’s hair looked like in the “old days” before hot rollers and hair spray and shine gel, etc. If you lived in the 1800s you might have been thrilled by the results.

  4. Haha, that’s a great and cheap ways to get curls but you have to know your hair. If you’ve got thick hair you can have the clips in for a bit longer (but NOT a whole night) than if you have thin hair. And also the hair that’s close to your face is always thinner than the rest so don’t twirl them until the very end.

    bonne chance!

  5. hahaha! I love it! I did the same thing once and my hair was super short (the ends hit about my chin) and the ends result was that of a poodle! I’ve found that you have to rag curl your hair when it is totally dry in order to get the nice, curls like in the movie. I do love that movie so much…

  6. ton blog est tellement ravissant! je vais le parcourir plus en détail… et ne t’inquiètes pas, ils sont incroyables, tes cheveux! (hihi, tu m’as bien fait rire avec ta comparaison avec louis xiv!)

  7. That is just how my daughters hair looked after I tried that! She had to have curly hair for a dance competition…needless to say we never did that again…but it does give you the curls! I do think using a spray on conditioner or crean would help. Wish you many blessings for 2010!

  8. Hahah… and I’m sorry for laughing, but I think this made my day. Your hair sort of remind me of a poodle’s hair!
    Oh well. What if you use electric curler? Maybe the result would be better?

    I wish you a wonderful new year, dear Mo. May all your dreams come true! Hugs.

  9. It’s great hair! I did this not to long ago. I was practicing, because I am doing a photo shoot of my sister soon and I need to get that friz curl hair-do down. Long hair really is great!

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