sometimes plan B is better than plan A

so i had planned on a post of my New Year’s dress but turns out i don’t have the pic on my computer… oups. So i’ll show that later. Instead, i decided i’ll participate in Anna from Much Love’s project: “show me your heart“. It’s such a cute idea.


here are the requirements:

Do a blog post, which includes:
1. A photo of a love heart shape (taken by you)
It can be of anything (see examples above), as long as a heart shape is clearly visible. It MUST be photographed by you, not taken from the internet. I think it’s more personal that way, and let’s you have fun with photography too. It can be any size that you like, but preferably a square shape.
2. Write at least ONE thing that you love
It can be a person, a feeling, a memory, a song, anything! Feel free to list more than 1 things if you like.
3. Once you’ve done the post, leave a link in the comments of this post
4. Submissions will close this Friday
I will compile everyone’s photos at the end of the week, including a link back to your blogs. The compilation will be posted for next week’s Much Love Monday.


So here is mine…


what do i love ?

 well obviously cookies, muffins, cupcakes, croissants, pain au chocolat, pepparkakor, cakes, chocolates, godis, honey…

so basically all sugar 😉


6 thoughts on “sometimes plan B is better than plan A

  1. How cute! I love it! I love heart shaped cookies. I mean I know they don’t make it taste better, but they’re sure sweet to look at! heehee!

    Oh and about the curls, doing them with wet hair makes your hair set tighter giving you crazy curls. You can do it while your hair is still slightly damp, but it’s better to just do it dry. I usually use a mouse or setting lotion, or wavy hair spray stuff to give them a little kick! Put that in while your hair is still wet so it goes in evenly then let it dry mostly before you roll them. They come out waaaaay more even that way! Good Luck!

  2. how cool! what is that heart made of ? it looks like red velvet…

    i’m with you on the sweets — can’t get enough of them at all. 😀

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