red day

january 6th is a ready here in Sweden. Thank you for that. It’s the first time in a loooong time that i spent so much time in bed. And it feels goooood.
Breakfast in bed, reading in bed, listening to Robbie Williams in bed, watching friends in bed. I just got up to clean up a little and put up my xmas present from my dear friend Amandine, that adorable garland !  I’m not sure mon amoureux will like it but… but well dear, you’re not here so you don’t have a say ! Na !

Aujourd’hui, pas école !!! Vive le 6 janvier, jour ferié ici en Suède ! Que c’est bon de se prélacer au lit toute la journée, et de profiter de l’absence de mon amoureux pour redécorer à mon goût 😉


9 thoughts on “red day

  1. A day in bed sounds lovely… In Norway we didn’t have a red day today, so I’m really looking forward to the weekend! I’m soooo tired these days;)

  2. Oh I love the little red garland, it beautifies your room so much more:)

    A day in bed sounds so good to me right now, lucky you!!


  3. Adore the lights. LOL, I like your mentality. I wish Cole wouldn’t object to some of my more girlie decorations.

    Sounds like you had a most wonderful Red Day!!

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