there it is !

my New Year Dress !

I know what you’re thinking but NO, i couldn’t find a better picture of it. It’s a shame cause i look…ridiculous on this one. Meet one of my best friend Guillaume (by my feet).

Today was the second day at work… it’s quite empty still cause tomorrow is a red day here in Sweden (yeah), tonight was Crêpes Party at my friends/colleagues, we bought what we thought was milk but turned out to be …not milk but some kind of clabber milk. Sounds gross right? It was good anyway.

Voilà ma robe du nouvel an, dans une pose ridicule je vous l’accorde mais qui permet de faire connaissance avec mon pote Guillaume à mes pieds.
2e jour de boulot aujourd’hui…et soirée crêpes (au lait caillé..oups) ce soir ! Miam !


9 thoughts on “there it is !

  1. haha! Best picture ever! Though you do look rather terrified! haha! Such a beautiful dress! Black lace is perfect for New Years!

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