Xmas is over :-(

so here it is. Xmas is oficially over. I have to wait a whole year to feel this wonderful spirit again.
I will not have my Crispin’s xmas surprises anymore 😦
I’m already checking when i can go back to visit my family, and also maybe some trips with my friends, we would love to go to Helsinki or Lapland !!!

(one of the beautful windows at the Galeries Lafayette)

Today i did something i had never done before.

I register to a GYM !!

I still can’t believe it. It was unreal. We walked in with my friends and it was like entering another world. God they are good ! They welcome you with the cuttest smile, talk about your feelings, your goal, your dreams, show you the place around full of people looking damn happy… and before you know it, all you want is joined !!!  And we did !
It’s pretty cool actually, you can go to all classes, dance, african dance, steps, aerobic, cycling, everything, whenever we want…

So we are scheduled for our first aerobic class on monday !

But let’s face it, that wasn’t the hardest part. The hardest part is to actually go to the gym now.

aujourd’hui j’ai pas le moral parce que je réalise que Noël c’est vraiment fini ( et avec les cookies de ma Crispin) mais je suis fière de moi, je me suis inscrite à un club de sport pour la 1ere fois de ma vie. Ca a l’air génial. Plus qu’à me motiver maintenant (le prix devrait faire l’affaire)


16 thoughts on “Xmas is over :-(

  1. Yeah! The movie kinda sucks, but I can’t stop watching!

    Btw, african dance is FUN 😀
    I have to register too.. But I’ve been telling myself that for a year now..

  2. Someday when I am fabulously wealthy and famous I will spend Christmas in Paris. I’m so sad that it’s all over too (though I’m secretly still listening to Christmas music shh!).

    Cool about the gym! good luck keeping it up! haha!

  3. Oh I miss Christmas already too! But we’ll have other things to look forward to, like Valentine’s day?? Haha….

    Good luck with the gym and don’t give up halfway like me lol:P

  4. Haha I know right ! My pj rox 😀
    Yea, a whole year until next xmas. weird, huh.
    Oh yey awesome, gyms are best !! I love mine. I might be addicted to it haha…

  5. Good luck with your gym-plan.

    No we don’t see movies for free. When you work in a hospital you also don’t get medical care for free, right?

  6. congratulations! my gym membership changed my life. you made a wise investment. but, as you said — the hard part is summing up the will power to go. just do it! 😉

  7. That is such a gorgeous window display! Your gym sounds a lot better than mine – they are all very miserable and ignore you haha – good luck with the new routine! 🙂 x

  8. Oh, how was your first aerobic class? Was it good? I hope so!!

    Yaw, I’ve come here for advices…! Next week, my friend Laia and I are travelling into Berlin, and we’re waiting for -10º degrees there… so… can you give us some tips and advices for surviving into the cold weather? I haen’t been in a place so cold before!!
    We want to make an special post witting all the tips we’re getting, I’m asking lots of people who lives in cold places!!

    Thank you in advance!!

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