Vad saknar du idag?

what do you miss today?

this weekend älskling works so he’s not coming back to Stockholm…what’s the point of the weekend then?
And  i can’t have candies eventhough it’s lördagsgodis… 😦

Qu’est ce qui vous manque aujourd’hui?

ce weekend älskling travaille et ne rentre pas 😦
et pas de Lördagsgodis pour moi, je tente de limiter les bonbons mais c’est pô drôle.

9 thoughts on “Vad saknar du idag?

  1. Mo, I hope you have a good weekend despite your boyfriend not being there and despite not having saturday evening candies.

    I hope you’re well!

  2. Yogurtland might be the best invention ever !! I’ll send you some ^^
    Haha awesome, hats from 2001- Well thats almost right, right? Just switch place on the zero and one, and it’s 2010 😀
    Aw, I’m sorry that he has to work 😦 Hope you can have a fun weekend anyways !!

  3. How’s life in Sweden? Everything you expected? Maye I can start commenting in swedish now? What do you work with here?

  4. I’m so sorry älskling isn’t enjoying the weekend with you. But do what I do when Cole is away: watch all the movies you love, but he hates, paint your toenails and listen to your favorite music.

  5. Too bad your boyfriend isn’t coming home this weekend… The weekend is not the same without your beloved one! But anyway, I hope you have a great weekend, maybe you can do some shopping and watch lots of girly movies:)

  6. that’s too bad, Mo! for me, just relaxin’. oh, and will go to the gym tomorrow, too. yes, in response to your comment — the gym did change my life — i lost 70 lbs working out. anyway, you certainly don’t need to lose any, so i’m assuming you want to tone with some strength training perhaps?

  7. I miss my darling too!! Why do they make us go through all this heartache??

    And I miss sleep too, I always feel so tired after coming back from vacations:P

    Hope your bf is coming back next weekend!!


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