Retro and Beyond

Yesterday i met with some friends and we went to Sofo in Södermalm. Sofo is supposed to be the “hip – bobo” area. We found some really cool vintage stores there, and eventhough i was freezing my ass off just walking from a store to another, i had a great time !  Some stores are really special and beautiful. But some prices kinda scared me.

One of them is called Beyond Retro, and it’s really cool. I especially loved all the colorful tutus they used as decoration items.

Let’s not forget it’s the REA (sales) here too, so of course we had to stop by Dröttningatan and go to Zara where i found a georgous vest, for a “ridiculously high though on sale” price.

Now i just have one question, or more like an observation :

Shouldn’t a kannelbulle be big enough to last a whole episode of “The Hills”?

Hier, petit vintage trip dans le quartier “bobo” de Sofo, à Södermalm. Les boutiques sont extras (et les prix aussi).
Ici aussi c’est les soldes, alors j’ai craqué pour une veste Zara pas du tout approprié pour les – 20 degrés et pas du tout abordable bien qu’en solde !

Sinon, question:
Est ce qu’un kannelbulle ne devrait pas être assez gros pour tenir tout un épisode de “The Hills”?


10 thoughts on “Retro and Beyond

  1. aww Beyond Retro (L) I’d die to visit the one in Stockholm (not that much xD) I’ve already been to the one in London but I really want to go to Stockholm…….

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