so lost

So on sunday i decided to take a walk in Skogskyrkogården ,  i’ve been wanting to take pics of it under the snow, and to find Greta Garbo’s grave.

So despite the cold, i did.

It was freezing but beautiful…and kinda spooky

And after a while of walking around, i found it !

Yeah, the problems started when i decided to leave by a different exit from the one i came in.


I walked around for than an hour not knowing where i was, not meeting anyone to ask and being so cold and quite scared to be honest.

Of course i ended up finding my way thanks to 2 very nice persons… i locked myself home and it took me the whole afternoon to get warm again !

Après ma petite excursion sous la neige à Skogskyrkogården, je me suis complètement perdue au retour, plus d’une heure à tourner en rond dans le froid ! FLippant.


9 thoughts on “so lost

  1. Oh, beautiful photos in the snow.. heheh, it must have been frustrating to get lost in the freezing cold outside..

    have a nice evening girl 🙂

  2. That sounded a bit creepy… Lost in the churchyard, I think I would have been scared! You really appreciate getting home to a warm apartment then:)

  3. OH, no!! I’m so sorry that you got lost Mo!! I always get so scared when I don’t know where I am, I start to panic which is never very helpful!!

    So cool that you found Greta’s grave.


  4. it’s so beautiful, not scary at all

    oh no! 😦 that’s terrible
    what could’ve happened to it.
    oh Mo in the package i wrote to: Mo only since i didn’t know your full name.

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