So you think you can SATS?


that was me on tuesday evening.
Remember? First aerobic class at Sats.
First level aerobic class.
Or so we thought.

It was crazy, it was liked they all had met after work for months to practice for this first day in order to make us look ridiculous.
Well done.
First of all we couldn t understand anything of what the hot blond teacher on the stage was screaming in the microphone
Then, we couldn’t follow the CRAZY high speed choreography.
Yes choreography !

I felt even more lost than on sunday….and i LOVED IT !!
It was soooo relaxing to completly let off steam !

And as a reward for not fainting at the end, we got cool Sats bags so we can show off in the subway 😉

“Best wishes” lunch at the french residency (the embassador’s house) today !!!

One more thing : Lovely Anna from Much Love did a great project and one of my pics is in it !! Check it out

1er cours d’aerobic mardi soir, FOLIE totale, c’était censé être un cours niveau 1 tranquille…
Ba voyons, ça allait à une vitesse ! On était complètement paumé du début à la fin mais c’était GENIAL de se défouler !

Ce midi, “les voeux” de l’ambassadeur à la résidence, miam !

Dernier truc, Anna de Much Love à utilisé des photos de plein de bloggers pour un de ses projets, dont une des miennes !

11 thoughts on “So you think you can SATS?

  1. Lol! Reminds me of my first aerobics class years ago, all the ladies (older than me, mind you) were dancing and hopping away so easily! And me, huffing and puffing as I try to catch up haha:P


  2. even if you DID look ridiculous, it sounds like so much fun!

    Also, thank you so much for mentioning my blog post!! It really means a lot 😀

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