she makes it classy

Finally, im showing off my beautiful “still so expensive eventhough on sale” Zara vest !  I think i wore it 3 times this week. Love it Love it Love it.
I can wear it with everything and it looks classy.  I love the little Chanel style.

By the way, i’ll be moving soon and i’ll get my own little studio. Yes. It’s gonna be tough to go from 56 m2 to 25m2, but let’s face, it i’ll be living  alone for a long while, plus it’s a great location, right in Södermalm, and my contract is ending in february anyway. Actually im lucky to have found  a place, the housing situation in Stockholm is craaaaazy.

Ma nouvelle veste super chère/en solde, de chez Zara ! Je la porte tout le temps, elle va avec tout !

Sinon, je vais bientôt déménager ! Je passe d’un 56m2 à un 25m2 alors ça va pas être facile, mais bon, l’appart est super bien placé,  à Södermalm, et finalement je vais vivre seule pendant un moment…


8 thoughts on “she makes it classy

  1. Lovely jacket, very Chanel! It’s a good investment piece!!

    Good luck with the new move, at least you’ll get to redecorate again?


  2. What exactly do you do for the French embassy? It sounds like a great job.

    (Pourquoi vous n’habitez pas ensemble? Desolée que je suis curieuse mais j’espère que tout va bien et que tu ne sens pas seule à Sthlm.)

  3. Yea, bowling here is way more fun actually ! Love it 🙂
    Oh you look great in the vest- supercool, really !
    And wow, how nice to have found a place in Sodermalm ! Sweeeet ! Im sure it’ll be just great !

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