Beddinge, Karlstad och other saker

Swedes don’t go to church on sondays, they go to Ikea

And so we did.

We agreed on the matress,

We discussed the mirror,

We did not like the same lamps

We fought over the couch.

My taste


his taste

What did Kate Winslet say in Titanic? ” the difference between my taste in art and Cal’s is that i have some”  or something like that 😉

But after all it doesn t really matter, what matter is that we will be moving in on february 6th !!!!!!!!

Im so excited i can t wait !


Un dimanche chez IKEA comme tout bon suédois qui se respecte. Une bonne dispute autour des canapés. Et plus que quelques semaines d’attente avant l’ enménagement !!



10 thoughts on “Beddinge, Karlstad och other saker

  1. Haha, yay that your moving! And I have to say, I LOVE your taste! The couch is gorgeous. Not so keen on on his preferred couch, but each to their own 🙂

  2. How fun, Mo! I imagine furniture shopping will be so exciting and yes, filled with disagreements too:P

    p.s. Of course, I love your couch!


  3. heheh, ikea is the best sunday-activity!!!
    i like your taste the most, nice sofa! 🙂

    i’m happy for you, looking forward to see photos of the new place! me and my boyfriend r going to move together soon to, 1 month to go. im exited:)

  4. Thanks 🙂
    Hihi, IKEA is such a sunday thing to do. Aweesome. I miss going to the mall near my house (well, back then 1h was near haha.. omg) and we’d always go shopping n go to IKEA on mostly sundays hihi.

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