I love braids, i always think of should do my hair like this more often, especially that i have long hair, but im always in a hurry in the morning….  tonight i checked    Mademoiselle Robot’s tutorial and i finally learnt how to do braid my banks. Ok doesn’t look so awesome as hers but it’s a start.

Reminded me of this summer, when i had actually TIME to try every kind of hairdo…

Des nattes des nattes et des nattes grâce à Mademoiselle Robot.


19 thoughts on “Braid

  1. ooo pretty! I like it alot! I love braids but always have a hard time with them too. Apparently I braid backwards, or so I’ve been told, maybe that’s the problem! haha!

  2. aw Thanks.. my throat n nose is killing me.. annoying.
    You look lovely ! I loove braids too, I should do it more often as well. it so pretty

  3. That braid suits a lot you and in the second picture it looks so well done! I think once you get the hang of it you can do those braids very fast, without even needing a mirror (and then you can even do it on the subway, hehe).

    Yes, I am moving to Israel. Not for life, but for a year or two until my boyfriend finishes his degree and we can move somewhere else together. It’s very exciting, and scary too 🙂

  4. Your hair looks amazing!

    I’m really sorry for your sister but it’s impossible to give advices through the internet without knowing her.

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