Best wishes

I got mail. A really pretty enveloppe. And a georgous card to wish me the best for 2010.  It’s a card from my dad’s cousin who works at the marketing department at Chanel in Paris. How awesome does that sound?  The card is soooo pretty i have to find a place for it in my new appartement !



Today was just a chilling/walking downtown day, now it’s time for chocolate cake, ice cream, home made whipped cream,  white wine and a movie !  ( ok the movie is Rocky so im not so excited about it, but the cookie should make me feel better…and the wine…and the ice cream…and the whipped cream)

Une magnifique carte de la cousine de mon père qui travaille chez Chanel, tellement belle que je pense serieusement à l’encadrer !

Ce soir: fim, gateau au chocolat, glace, chantilly et vin blanc !

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