it’s the end of the sales period here, “slutrea” and to celebrate, i got myself a new skirt. I don’t have so many skirts (so i think). And this one is colorful and comfortable. And it was 80 sek (8 euros) !

Weekend was lovely, doing absolutly nothing med älskling, he taught me how to use my swedish online bankaccount, cause i’ll be paying my own bills now (don’t laugh, i never did that before !), i did my swedish homeworks, we watched calendar girls and a lot of Friends !

And now it’s monday again …

une nouvelle jupe pour fêter la fin des soldes, un weekend de feignasse comme je les aime, Friends, devoir de suédois, online compte en banque tutorial (oui oui, je vais payer mes factures toute seule pour la premiere fois de ma vie!)  et hop, c’est déjà lundi 😦

10 thoughts on “slutrea

  1. That’s a pretty skirt, Mo!

    And I hate doing bills, it’s such a nuisance every month though doing it online has make it so much easier:)

    Ahh nothing can beat a weekend filled with “friends”

  2. friends is awesome

    and the patterns on your skirt is just lovely! 😀 what a find too! just 8 euros!

    have a nice week 🙂
    i’m struggling with university work load D:

  3. Oh I love that skirt! it kind of reminds me of Old Mojave blankets.

    In june I start paying all my own bills too, and I’m so freaked out! But I know it’ll all work out 😉

  4. Oh, Jag Älskar Slutrea ! And I miss it too, it’s totallt the best sale of the year in sweden ! And that skirt is super duper cute ! And what a bargain ! Me liky 🙂
    and you’re right; once you’ve started it’s always best to finish it !

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