jag lagar mat, det är inte så lät

so i went to my swedish class tonight. With my classes at the embassy at lunch, i have 6 hours of swedish a week…. but it’s not enough, i feel im sooo bad !

Tonight we spoke about food (mat), and i was soo hungry ! I got home at 9pm and cooked. That might sound totally boring but for me it’s a first. Appart from crêpes and making myself a sandwich, i never ever cook. I had köttbullar och ris och en gurka. (meatballs, rice and a cucumber) and it was ok, but för salt (Too much salt).

Now, some basic rules on super adorable plates we got from Crispin !!

” I do not put my elbows on the table”

“I do not put my knife in my mouth”

” I sit straight at the table”

Affamée en sortant de mon cours de suédois sur la nourriture, je n’ai pas eu d’autre choix que de cuisiner, MOI ! Moi qui ne différencie pas une louche d’une grande cuillère.  Je me suis fait des boulettes de viande et du riz, pas trop mal pour une première, mais trop salé.

Et pour les règles de la bienséance, les super assiettes offertes par Crispin !


9 thoughts on “jag lagar mat, det är inte så lät

  1. I know, time passes sooo quickly, it’s unbelievable !!
    Oh, I adore how you add so many swedish words now ^^ Awesome ! You’re getting good at it, you’re great !
    And so nice that you cooked in the evening too !! 🙂

  2. I think those are the cutest plates I’ve ever seen!! Lovely!! *___________*!!!!

    Oh, I should learn Swedish too if I want to move to Sweden haha!

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