Malin Foxdal at Berns

yesterday night we went to the Berns salonger, a georgous restaurant/bar/hotel/club/entertainement place in the center of the city

That night, they had 3 events going on, a party in the club downstair, a poker tournament and a show case. That’s where we went.

It was Malin Foxdal

I had a video of a song but the quality turned out quite bad so i wont bother you with it but you can check her website. It’s some kind of swedish folk music, really cool, kinda relaxing / depressing

It was super nice ! We were on the balcony overlooking the whole georgous room, having very expensive drinks (ok i got one and i still have to pay my friend back), chatting and laughing, enjoying the music. Really nice evening with the french team.

Tonight i had swedish class again and at the train station i actually asked my question in swedish instead of taking the easy way out with english. He UNDERSTOOD and answered in swedish and I UNDERSTOOD. I had the biggest smile on my smile for 15 min after that. Im on my way to ” fluentness” (yes it’s a word)

Hier soir, la french team est allé à Berns, un magnifique restaurant/bar/salle de concert dans le centre, pour écouter Malin Foxdal une chanteuse folk suédoise. C’était super sympa.
Ce soir, après le cours de suédois, mise en pratique; j’ai posé une question en suédois et l’on m’a répondu en suédois, je n’en pouvais plus de joie !!!

8 thoughts on “Malin Foxdal at Berns

  1. Oh, that place is so gorgeous. Makes me think of the old classic bars and night clubs that existed in the 30’s. Love the big ass chandelier. 😉

    That’s so awesome that you spoke Swedish to a native successfully!


  2. Thank you so much Mo ! You r so sweet !

    I know, life is so strange and cool sometimes, when you have all these “what if..” questions, it’s weird how life ends up really… 😛

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