oo2 days ago i received an award from the sweet Laia from Let me fell like a doll, i started to follow her blog some month ago after her interview by Maria from luluLetty. She is adorable, wears those cute berets, skirts and coats and makes beautiful photoshots, plus she is working on a Barcelona Guide !

And you have to mention 3 things you find irresistible :

(appart from the obvious that would be anything with raspberries on/in/under/near it)

1. i went to Urban Outfiters on wednesday and i saw it…can’t stop thinking about it (and its price) since then

2. Elio, i’ll see him tomorrow and i can’t wait. How could you resist to that look screaming “Love me ( are you gonna give me a cookie or what?)

3. älskling, who i miss, everyday

that’s an old pic but i love it

Sooo i pass it on to:

Honey Bunny, KataWB, Lululetty, Roza and   Not here to please you


I get a week of training for my job! it’s so cool that’s in Paris so get to go home !!


10 thoughts on “irresistible

  1. Thank you so much for the sweet feedback! I don’t know if you were expecting me to give you an award since you always comment and I don’t, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t read!

    That dress from UO is so cute! and so is your dog and the pic with your boyfriend 🙂

    Have fun in Paris! What a beautiful city it is, you’re so lucky to be from there

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