40 hours later

It s 10pm here in Paris; I have officially been up  for 40  hours. Im not quite sure what keeps me from falling appart right this second.

At 9pm yesterday i went to my friends for dinner; then we went to the Café Opera in Stockholm, could have been great but because of a stupid missunderstanfing we ended up spending like 20 minutes there.  Then went home and had a midnight breakfast until 3 am when i had to catch my subway to get to the central station to then get to the airport.   Ok Ok i slept 2 hours in the plane. Then my dad picked me up, and with my mom, Cripsin, my aunts and 2 of my cousins, we went shopping in Paris.

Being exhausted did not stop me from spending thank God.

Sometimes you just need one more pair of shoes: because they are your size, your color, your taste, your price….they are yours but just don t know it yet.     

I can t wait for the weather to get better so i can actually wear them !  

Il est 22h, c’est officiel je n’ ai pas dormi depuis 40h !!!!   Flippant ! Mais à peine descendu de l’avion j’étais déjà en train de faire les boutiques dans Paris, fin des soldes oblige !!!  Et j’ai fait quelques trouvailles, mais maintenant, DODO !!! 


12 thoughts on “40 hours later

  1. Oh, you’re in Paris now- how fun ! Hope you’re having a great time ! 🙂 And that the sun will follow you 😛 It’s been soo nice these last day- it’s awesome ! 🙂
    Cute shoes, u got !!!

  2. Oh, dear Mo! I hope now you’re allright and rested, poor little girl! But I’m sure that those shoes deserve the 40 hours awake, hehe!

    Are you having a good time at Paris? I hope so!! And don’t worry about the award, it’s a pleasure to receive something so cute from you!!

  3. ohhh i just love those blue shoes!
    i ordered some just like those (in silver) a while ago, but sadly they didn’t fit and they ran out of the ones in my size. sad! lucky you scored yourself a pair.

    found your blog on lulu letty. following!

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