Busy being crazy. BRB.

The training is CRAZY. 8h45 am to 6pm everyday, knowing it takes me 1h30 to get there and get home, i basically just have time to eat and sleep. It’s interesting but so hard to stay concentrated  during all the presentations ! The cool thing is that i get to meet with people doing the same job as me all over the world !!!
Anyway, i  have many ideas but  not so much time to blog 😦


Pas trop le temps de “blogger” en ce moment, bien trop occupé à faire des journées de dingues pour me mettre à jour sur l’enseignement supérieur français. Passionnant mais crevant. 


13 thoughts on “Busy being crazy. BRB.

  1. cool pic! love the glasses and the tshirt :DD
    looking forward to more posts, hope you’re well and that you’ll have a nice evening :))

  2. Yes ! Hopefully I’ll take a degree here ! If everything works out the way we want it too ^^ 🙂
    Oh love your picture Mo ! And wow, that is long days. Hope it’s fun though! 🙂

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